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Hey there!  I’m Jodi, and I’m excited that you’re here!   Welcome to my life coaching page!  If you’re considering working with a coach there are certainly a lot of different kinds of coaches and a lot of different styles of coaching to choose from.  The best way to make a choice first and foremost is to trust your gut!

I primarily work with people on mindset, vibrational alignment, and subconscious beliefs that affect all areas of our lives.  All of our behaviors and actions stem from our subconscious programming, so if we want to change things in our lives, the first place to start is by changing our thinking.   Since I work with subconscious programming, I work with people on all different categories of life, and from all different walks of life.  To get an idea if my coaching may be a good fit for what you are wanting to create, keep on reading! 



Here are some specific and general things that I help people to achieve through my coaching:

















What happens in our sessions together? 

Every session is completely individualized to where you are currently at, and what you want to focus on.  The examples listed above are things I have helped a variety of different people with, but we will focus on what is most significant and relevant for you based on what you want.  At the beginning of our sessions I will get you to set an intention for what you would like to get out of our time together. 

I will ask you questions, and I will listen for any blocks that come up that we can clear together in each session using the subconscious release technique.  The subconscious release technique is an extremely effective and very simple technique that clears programs/beliefs in your mind that are preventing you from aligning with your desires, and with your true authentic self.  You will learn how to do this technique on your own when we work together, so that anytime a block comes us in your mind you will be able to clear it as soon as you become conscious of it.  This technique was developed by Coral Grant, who is the head trainer of BestLife Coaching Society. 

We will also work together on building your dreams and feeding your positive beliefs that are relevant to what you are wanting to create in your life.  I love hearing your dreams, and helping you to clarify your desires!  We will use techniques and methods for dream building that are most suitable for you, and I will intuitively choose what activities to do based on what will be most effective for you. 

I will give you guidance by tuning into your energy, and I will always stand for your complete liberation, though I will not tell you what to do.  I will help you to have the courage to make choices that honor your deepest desires, your highest truth, and your immense inherent worth.


I am currently only offering two coaching options.  All sessions take place either on the phone or through video calls. 

#1 – Single Sessions

$125 CAD/60 minute session

#2 – Five Session Coaching Package

$500 CAD/ five 60 minute sessions


I will respond within 72 hours via email to discuss if you are a good match for the coaching I offer. 




“If I had to pinpoint the greatest life-changing result of working with Jodi, it would have to be in the way she was able to guide me through the journey to myself.  I’ve worked with several coaches over the years on the topic of fear, and no other coach was able to help me get to the root of my fear/s.  By learning easy techniques to cancel, and therefore, reprogram my limiting beliefs, I was able to remove the shackles of fear that had imprisoned me for most of my life.  It is with admiration and respect that I sincerely recommend Jodi to you.  She is real.  She is authentic.  She is transparent.  She is … simply amazing.”

~Melanie Lynn

“In a nutshell, Jodi helped me to clear the way, gather together all that I’ve been doing, then energetically blast off in the right direction. She also helped me to have a deeper feeling of connectedness with my goal, which helps me to get back on track quickly when distractions occur. Also, where I used to feel like running away after only a short period, now I feel reluctant to stop! I highly recommend working with Jodi. She is amazingly talented and I am so grateful because now I’m living my goal forward in a more intuitive way, and enjoying it. Yay!”

~Susan Kent   
Maple Ridge, BC

“That was so incredible, I feel a different energy flowing… I feel like I have a new normal that is aligned with my higher self THANK YOU!!!

~Linzy Arnott Huggon
Pitt Meadows, BC
Facebook: Linzy Arnott Art

“I had a great session with Jodi, we focused on specific topics, and shifted perspectives. She is a true soul inspiring woman. If you’re thinking about choosing someone to work with that can motivate you, and who is fearless in her approach to life, just do it, and say yes to yourself, and yes to a journey with Jodi Piotrowski.”

~Brandie Kohl
Energy Medicine Pratitioner

“I was so glad to have my coaching session with Jodi as I was experiencing a roller coaster of constant highs and lows. Jodi focused on what was important and what would benefit me during my time of transition (divorce). I believe that Jodi’s empathetic listening skills allowed her the ability to quickly center in on what was important and what would benefit me the most. Through her support and meaningful guidance, I am now able to build healthier thought patterns/habits that I can tap into on a regular basis.”

~Michelle Dumoulin
Hendersonville, NC
Facebook: Michelle Fagan original baby sculptures



“To any interested in learning more about how to face fears, dream big and take action in life, I highly recommend Jodi Piotrowski as a Life Coach for you. Jodi taught me about being fearless when she jumped from a plane and I am so glad I saw the video. We have future paced together and I believe in her dreams and know she will help others do so as well. Jodi is kind, understanding, ambitious and always willing to help. She has a deep understanding of how others feel and can make you feel safe and anxiety free. It is without reservation that I say sign up for individual coaching sessions or take a fun group class with Jodi. You will be glad you did!”
~Paulette Vaughan Porter-Stransky
Certified Life Coach



Jodi is fantastic, she genuinely cares and gets to the root of what is ailing you. She can help you get to where you need to be as long as you are honest and open with her about what’s bothering you. If you need some guidance, listen to her, she won’t steer you wrong.”

~John Paul Markham
Princeton, Kentucky
Youtube: John Markham



“I recently had an hour long coaching session with Jodi. Although it was just an hour, I got so much out of it. Jodi is lovely to speak to – Very warm and put me at ease. Through a variety of techniques, she really helped me think about what it is I really want to be doing, or working towards. I am now feeling so focused on that goal, and I can’t thank her enough. Jodi provided me with a really valuable tool for releasing negativity and attracting all the good, positive things into my life. Thank you so much, Jodi!”

~Jenny Hogg
Facebook: Arya Candles



“Jodi and I discussed my dream of writing a book. She suggested that I draw a picture of the cover and put it somewhere that I can see it often.  Tonight, I came home, put my son to bed and pulled out my pencil crayons and sketch pad. It felt a bit silly at first, but then I really started going with the energy.  It got pretty exciting so I even drew the energy field around the book.  After I was done drawing it, complete with my name at the bottom and the intended publisher on the spine I looked at it for a few minutes. I thought to myself, “Wow! This is manifestation. I am looking at my book, and you know what? I CAN DO IT!”

~Amanda Rhodes
Maple Ridge, BC



“Do you want clarity? I wanted it; I wanted to know exactly the next logical step to achieve my goals. However, this eluded me. I supposed we all need at some point some guidance, a little jump-start to unlock what rests inside us all along. Through my interaction with Jodi Piotrowski, during a life coaching session, I was able to find the blocks to unlock the answers to what I was looking for. What’s more, I learn techniques to help me tap my potential reducing the resistance that can be built up over time. If you want to improve your experience in whatever endeavor of your choosing I highly recommend accepting the guidance of a life coach. Jodi was an absolute pleasure to work with; she was efficient, clear, and straight to the point. I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Jodi. I hope your journey is as wonderful as mine.”

~Valley Calderoni
British Columbia



“Jodi was fantastic in allowing me to speak freely so that she could recognize speech patterns of unconscious competent mental blocks. In recognizing the patterns she provided me with the proper exercises for building conscious competent neuro-pathways! Thanks, Jodi!”

-Phyllis Dazey
North Carolina



“I honestly didn’t know what to expect from my one on one call with Jodi.  I set my intention that I was open to what we were going to co create together knowing that I didn’t know how, but it was going to work out perfectly for both of us.  Well, I was blown away in the best way ever!  Jodi is an amazing listener and has an amazing and life changing gift of getting the the essence of exactly what I needed to see, to explore, and then to take action on.  From that phone call, I felt that my successes catapulted forward into the next level.  My experience created within me a strong sense of confidence and self empowerment to take necessary action steps in creating and soaring into the life of my dreams.  I am eternally grateful.”

-Melissa May Bellingham
British Columbia