The Power of the Words We Speak

This morning I teamed up with my super joyous amazing friend Melissa May on a google hangout call to discuss the power of the words we speak.

Melissa and I have both listened the personal development CD series Your Wish Is Your Command about a hundred times each or more, so we were inspired to share our insights on a few of the nuggets of gold found in these phenomenal life changing audios.

Today we focused on CD 9 and we discussed the power of the spoken word.  

Not only do the words we speak reveal our thoughts and beliefs, they are also extremely powerful tools to use deliberately to help us focus our thoughts, program our minds, and create our own reality.  

I recommend listening to the whole series, but if you’d like to refer specifically to the material that we discuss in this video, then listen to CD 9 in Your Wish Is Your Command.  You can listen for free here.   

This was a super fun conversation, and we invite you to join in the conversation in the comments below. 

What did you like best about this discussion?

What did you most get out of this discussion?

How do you use your words deliberately to raise your vibes and align with your desires?


Melissa May shares awesome high vibrational, high value content on her facebook page, and instagram page.  Go check ’em out and say Hello! 🙂 

To your magnificence,

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