Is Wanting More A Good Thing?

I was inspired to create this impromtu video after listening to the audio The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles in my car. 

I absolutely recommend listening to this audio book, and reading this book over and over again specifically to program your subconscious mind to be in alignment with manifesting wealth.  It has helped me tremendously to manifest more money through honoring my desires and being of service, and I’m just getting started.  I learned about the power of this book from multi-millionaires who largely attribute their rags to riches experiences to reprogramming their subconscious minds with wealth programming from the information in this book. 

Here is a place where you can listen to the audio

I was inspired to speak about this quote that stood out to be when I was listening.

“It is the natural and inherent impulse of life to seek to live more.” ~The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles


I’ve heard this quote several times before and I even made this image of it above, but it stood out to me in a powerful way in this new unit of time, and that is why I was inspired to create the video above. 

I relate this quote about the natural and inherent impulse of life to seek to live more, with the programming that exists on the planet related to wanting more out of life.

We have been programmed to have a lot of negative associations with wanting more and in this video I discuss two big reasons for this negative association:

  1. A lot of the time we want more to fill some kind of void inside of ourselves, and the fact of the matter is that no matter what we manifest, when we are feeling this internal lack it will not give us sustainable satisfaction and fulfillment.  The reason that it won’t satisfy us, is that when we create from a space of lack we create more of a feeling of lack.  We are also being reliant on external things or circumstances in order to feel good, and that makes us slaves to things that are external to us.  So wanting more to fill this void is not effective.
  2. The other reason that there is this negative association is because the majority of the population has been programmed to have a very low belief level in our ability to manifest our desires, and when we want something that we don’t believe we can achieve it feels bad.  We do all kinds of internal compensation to make up for these negative feelings, and one of the forms of compensation is to limit our desires, and say that we don’t want what we actually genuinely would love to have.  This attempt to limit our dreams doesn’t really work because despite how our minds may think this is a logical way to feel better, limiting our desires goes against our very purpose as human beings to create the things we want to in our lives.  Our souls know our purpose and therefore when we limit our dreams we are not honoring our souls, and we are not living our purpose.  This doesn’t work!

Here’s the BEST space to be in mentally when it comes to wanting more:

I love where I’m at, I love the things that I have in my life, there is so much to appreciate in my life, and I love how I can create things in my life.  I love that I have the power to create more of my desires.  I love having source energy flow through me when I am dwelling in the state of appreciation and focusing on my dreams.  I create MORE for the sheer thrill of riding the creating waves, and experiencing immense bliss in the creative process.  I love creating more.  I want more for me, and I want more for everyone.  There is an abundance of everything to go around.  For every single person on the planet, there is an abundance of everything we could possibly ever desire, and we always have access to more than we can even perceive or currently imagine as well because all things are created from formless substance.  The world is truly unlimited, and through our creation we add more value to the world.  Our greatest service to the planet and to ourselves is to honor our dreams, expand our dreams through our experiences, and continue to create more more more, always while dwelling in the appreciation of what we have manifested.  More is SO very good! 

May you dwell in immense appreciation of what you have while honoring your brilliant desires for more,

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