Soul Ignitor Series – Featuring MrsLoveAboveAll with Brandis

I’m so excited to share my very first interview for a series I’ve created called ‘Soul Ignitor Series’.  The intention of this series is to talk with inspired souls who are sharing their purpose, passion, and creativity with the world in unique soul activating ways. 

Brandis is a beautiful example of an inspired soul sharing her purpose and creativity with the world, and it was such a pleasure talking with her about her youtube channel MrsLoveAboveAll.  Brandis shares videos on faith, inspiration, and home and I adore tuning into her channel because her videos always uplift my spirit.   You can subscribe to her channel here, and check out our interview below.     

I’d love for you to join the conversation!  What was the biggest thing you got out of watching this video?  What’s your greatest passion that inspires you so much to share?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below!  😀 


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