Feeling Overwhelmed? – Here Are Some Tips To Get Through It!

Happy 2016!  As we’re beginning the new year, a common emotion that can arise is the feeling of overwhelm for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps you have made a goal that is really big, that feels intimidating to you.  Perhaps you’ve accumulated some extra debt over the holidays that feels unpleasant to think about!  Maybe you feel like you have a lot of work to do now after taking some vacation time.  Whatever the case, the feeling of overwhelm generally happens when you believe you have more to do than you can or want to do. 

Here are some powerful things to be aware of when it comes to the feeling of overwhelm. 

  • When feeling overwhelmed our minds like to generalize things in negative ways. 

For example, thoughts such as “there’s too much to do” and “I can’t do all of that” or “that will take too much work” run through our minds.  These thoughts are general thoughts and therefore are not related to any specific activity.  When we think these kinds of thoughts we’re essentially setting ourselves up to lose. 

The downside of having these thoughts is that we can easily become paralyzed and demotivated from doing anything at all when in fact doing a little bit on a consistent basis can create massive results. 

In order to combat these kind of defeating thoughts here’s something you can do:

  • Get really specific about what you want, and get specific about the things you can and will do to achieve it. 

It’s important here to set yourself up to win.  Make sure that when you are getting specific you are also specific about activities that you know that can do in a time frame that is completely achievable.  That way when you do them you set yourself up for creating a success momentum cycle rather than getting stuck in a downward spiral of defeatism. 

success momentum cycle

An interesting, magical thing happens when you are specific about the activities you decide to do, in order to achieve your goal.  When you get specific what can happen is that all of a sudden you realize that your mind was playing tricks on you before and there’s actually not too much to do at all.  In other words you have the power to do the things required to create what you want.  This magic may not occur in every situation but it’s happened to me too many times to count.  All of a sudden you feel that you are in control, and what was once overwhelming can feel totally manageable, and even joyful and exciting to think about. 

  • Once you’ve set yourself up to win with your specific activities, TAKE ACTION!!!

When your belief level increases towards your desire your motivation also increases.  So when you break down your activities into specific, realistic, achievable steps your belief level increases and your motivation level also increases making what once seemed very challenging, now seem inevitable.   And when you TAKE ACTION on your plan you increase your belief in yourself and you start the positive ball of success rolling in your favor. 

  • Another really important and powerful thing to do is to give yourself recognition when you follow through with your activities. 

Yes praise and compliment yourself because if you kept your commitment to do what you laid out for yourself then you absolutely deserve to give yourself credit.  We undervalue the power of giving ourselves credit, but this is HUGE!!!  Give yourself a pat on the back and go do more awesome stuff!  Seriously it feels great to achieve, and even better when you recognize yourself for it! 

Mind set is so significant and important when it comes to any goal or desire.  Is there anything you can break down into specific steps today, this week, or this month to help you to feel more in control of what you’re wanting to create?  Try it out and surprise yourself with how much more control you can feel when you define exactly what it is you need to do, and set yourself up to win. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Wishing you an incredible year filled with all that you desire and then some,

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