The Power Of Positive Thinking (Ch.2) by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Today I’m super excited to share my reflections on Ch. 2 of The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  This is such a profound, life changing book, and has inspired so many other books to be created with similar messages on the power of positive thinking.  I was going to review the whole book in one video, but I felt that there was just too much gold in each chapter to do a such a broad review so I was inspired to choose chapter 2 today. 

Chapter two is called ‘A Peaceful Mind Generates Power’.  It is about how having positive thoughts and a positive mental attitude helps to create a happy and healthy life.  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale gives methods throughout this chapter to help to achieve a positive state of mind. 

The first thing to do to achieve a habitual positive mental attitude is to release negative thoughts.  He shares two methods to release negative thinking:

  • Pour your heart out and share your worrisome thoughts with someone you trust.
  • Use your imagination to visualize physically getting rid of your thoughts. 

The next part of achieving a positive mental state of mind is to fill up your mind with positive thoughts;  it’s not enough to just release negative thoughts for they will come back if they aren’t replaced with positive ones.  Here are several techniques he suggests to help fill up your mind with positive thoughts:

  • “At intervals during the day practice thinking a carefully selected series of peaceful thoughts.  Let mental pictures of the most peaceful scenes you have ever witnessed pass across your mind…”
  • “Practice the technique of suggestive articulation, that is, repeat audibly some peaceful words.  Words have profound suggestive power and there is healing in the very saying of them.”  To practice this suggestive articulation you can check out my video on transmitting love, where I share a meditation repeating the word love over and over again.  Click here to see it on youtube
  • Read positive books.
  • Practice speaking positively through conversation to uplift yourself and others.
  • Practice daily silence for 15 minutes each day.
  • “Fill your mind with all peaceful experiences possible, then make planned and deliberate excursions to them in memory.”  I suggest that having a vision board and a dream book are ways to go to peaceful places in your imagination as well, and that this not need be a practice exclusively meant for memories.  Visualizing things you want to create and feeling good while doing so is what manifesting is all about. 

The last thing that Dr. Norman Vincent Peale discusses in this chapter is that many people have a self punishment mechanism and carry lots of guilt around with them which can be healed through self forgiveness.  I go into greater depth on this topic in the video.   Releasing negative emotions and negative beliefs helps to change our behavioral patterns so that we change what we create and experience in our lives.   Self forgiveness is an enormously powerful way to release guilt, and self forgiveness is the most empowering kind of forgiveness we can practice. 

I really appreciate this chapter and realize that the foundational elements of the coaching that I do are summed up in this chapter.  I help people to release negative thoughts, fill their minds with positive thoughts in alignment with what they want to create in their lives, and I help to release negative emotions which are the causes of negative patterns that we create in our lives.  Each technique that is described in this chapter can really be explored in so much depth.  I feel like a book could be written on this chapter alone.  

If you’d like to learn how a powerful technique to practice releasing negative thoughts, and filling up your subconscious mind with positive thoughts, check out this video I created called Emotional Release For The Holidays

I’d love to hear what you got from this video and review?  What kind of techniques do you practice to release negative thoughts and fill your mind up with positive ones?  Is there anything that was described here that you would like to try?  I would love to hear how this sits with you! 

So much love,

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