Intuitive Selection from The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Today I chose the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne to read a randomly selected passage from.  I landed in an awesome spot and found a description of a powerful manifesting activity.  I learned this activity in my coaching training and call it future pacing.  It is where you talk about something you want to create in your life like you already have it with the intention of getting into vibrational alignment with the reality of you having it.

Check it out! 

This activity can be done for any aspect of your life, and the trick is to do it in a way where you can believe what you are saying and you feel really good about writing about it, or speaking about it.  If you don’t believe it and you don’t feel good about it, you know you are not in alignment with that vision.  Then you can either work on creating a vision that’s more believable that you feel good about, or work on increasing your belief.  The sweet spot for any vision is that it is something that’s big enough to get you excited and small enough that you believe you can achieve it.  This definition is really awesome but to be even more general the sweet spot is something that makes you feel amazing when you think about it. 

I dare you to play with this right now! 

I’m so happy and grateful now that … (think of something you’d love to create that feels good to think about, and speak out loud or write about it like you’ve already created it.) 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this activity!  Is this something you practice frequently?  Do you do something similar but slightly different?  Is this the first time you’ve heard of anything like this?  

Have the best day ever,

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