The Messages In Our Physical Symptoms

There is a big shift that is happening in the world right now!  We’re becoming more and more conscious of the power of our thoughts and emotions in creating our reality.  This shift is an awakening or a remembrance and we are now getting to the core of where our true power lies when it comes to creating what we desire in our lives.   The core of our power lies in our thinking, and if we wish to gain insight into our thoughts we can examine evidence to analyze in every aspect of our lives, for all of our experiences are reflections of our thoughts.  

I am fascinated by physical symptoms this evening and how they symbolically represent our thought patterns or certain challenges that we experience in our lives.  The book Heal Your Body by Louise Hay is a fantastic guide that gives insight into what specific physical conditions can represent on a thought level.  In other words it shows what specific thoughts are the cause of certain physical conditions and how these thoughts can be changed for healing. 

I was first drawn to this book when I had heart surgery in 2008, and when I got it I looked up what the thought patterns were for heart problems.  This is what it says!

Problem: Heart problems

Probable Cause:  Longstanding emotional problems.  Lack of joy.  Hardening of the heart.  Belief in strain and stress. 

New thought pattern: Joy. Joy. Joy. I lovingly allow joy to flow through my mind and body and experience. 

When I went through my surgery I tuned into the feeling of joy with a depth that I don’t recall ever experiencing before.  It changed me!  This book changed my life. 

I absolutely did have longstanding emotional problems and this book helped me to recognize the power of my thoughts and the power of expanding my consciousness to change my life experience.

I remember at one point in my early twenties before I even had any awareness that I actually had a hole in my heart, I was crying and I said out loud “I feel like I have a hole in my heart!”  I didn’t even mean physically, I meant emotionally, but a few years later I found out that I had a physical hole in my heart.  Realizing the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and physical being has made me realize how much more connected everything is than the way our society at large perceives things.  

I was inspired to write about Heal Your Body tonight because I just had a strange physical symptom that I looked up and I found a really interesting synchronicity in the description.  

Two days ago my hands swelled up in a bizarre way.  It was like I had an allergic reaction to something.  My hands began to swell up right before I started driving home from a dear friend’s house, and on the way home I got stuck in traffic.  There was an accident and what would have taken me an hour and a half, took me two and a half hours.  In no way did I perceive this experience as negative.  Rather it was an opportunity for self awareness.   

When I got home I looked up swelling in the book Heal Your Body.  This is what I found:

Problem: Swelling

Probable Cause:  Being stuck in thinking.  Clogged, painful ideas. 

New thought pattern:  My thoughts flow freely and easily.  I move through ideas with ease.  

Interestingly, something I literally said hours before my hands started to swell up is something along the lines of, “I’ve felt somewhat stuck in my thinking, but I’m moving through it.”  And how fascinating that I was stuck in traffic at the same time that my hands were swelling up.  Being stuck in thinking caused me to be stuck in traffic and stuck in the flow of energy through my body.  Well, I’m allowing the energy to flow much more freely now, and my hands are almost 100% better.   😀 

I appreciate this experience for several reasons. 

  • It validates to me how my thoughts create my reality. 
  • It gives me clear guidance on how I can change my thinking now.
  • It reminds me that it’s important to change my thinking first, before I expect to experience different results. 
  • It helps me to have appreciation for physical symptoms as messengers rather than seeing them as problems. 
  • I didn’t get stressed out about my hands but rather tuned into the solution with a new thought pattern.
  • It’s given me inspiration for this post.

If you don’t have the book Heal Your Body already, I definitely recommend getting a copy and having it as a reference for any time you’d like insight into the probable thought cause of a physical symptom you experience. 

I’d love to hear from you!  Have you witnessed in your own life a time when you made a clear and powerful connection between your thoughts and some kind of physical ailment you were experiencing?  Sharing your experiences can help others to make deeper cognitions and revelations into their own experiences as well, so please share if you feel inspired to. 

With love and free flowing expression,

Jodi - my name



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