We’re All A Special Kind of Crazy

We’re all a special kind of crazy! 

We’ve all got oddness to express!

There’s really no such thing as normal,

For normal’s just craziness repressed.

We’re all a unique kind of nutty! 

We’ve all got strangeness to exhibit!

When it’s held in for too long,

It’s truly our genius we inhibit.

For we’re not meant to belong to a normal parade;

We’re not here to be a part of a conforming brigade.

We’re here to live out our soul’s truth,

And show our special kind of crazy. 


We’re all a particular kind of peculiar,

We’ve all got weirdness that we hide.

But when we see it and we love it,

We allow our brilliance to preside! 

We’re all a curious kind of unusual!

We’ve all got eccentricities we withhold!

But when we nurture and we share them,

We find the courage be bold.

For we’re not meant to stay on paths that have already been formed;

We’re not meant to live our lives with our soul’s flames barely warmed.

We’re here to live out our soul’s truth,

And share our special kind of crazy.   



Jodi - my name



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