There’s Always A Way – Raw Singing on a Soulful Sunday

I sat down this evening to write a post about the power of singing and dancing.  As soon as I started to write something I thought that writing about singing and dancing is not nearly as much fun as sharing singing and dancing.  So I decided to sing this melody I created several years ago into my phone and share it.

I actually had the idea last night that it was time to start sharing more singing, and I was playing this melody over in my mind.  I thought I could dress up all fancy like and get my microphone all set up to get the best quality sound.  But then I just took out my phone and went for it totally raw, with no preparation.  This kind of sharing feels so good and authentic.  I just love it!  

This authentic spontaneous raw kind of sharing was inspired by  Shirly Joy Weiss‘ courageous soulpreneur challenge and all of her periscope videos.  Definitely follow her on periscope!!! 😀 

Have you been wanting to share your singing, or dancing on social media, but have been holding back?  Please share yourself!  It will feel amazing! 


Jodi - my name


P.S.  I triple dog dare you!!! 😀 

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