The Importance of Gratitude Now

We just finished our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend and I had a truly remarkable weekend with my husband and my family.  It was also our one year wedding anniversary which made Thanksgiving feel extra special.  This evening I asked myself what would be really significant to write about and instantly I thought of the importance of gratitude NOW. 

Generally speaking we all have the ability to feel gratitude in deeper and more profound ways than we habitually do.  The most obvious times when we experience deep gratitude are when we have experienced intense contrast and then we taste the energy of gratitude.  We can experience such a dramatic shift that it makes a huge memorable emotional impact.  A good analogy is to think of being so so thirsty for days and then having the most delicious tasting water to quench your ever growing thirst.  The water could be the same water you drink every day, but after you’ve been desperately thirsty it tastes like the most delicious liquid you’ve ever drank.  While water is essential for us, so is gratitude.  This emotion is what allows us to most deeply and purely connect with our source energy, and this connection allows us to recharge and rejuvenate our souls.

It is not necessary for us to experience huge contrast to increase our depth of gratitude instantly.  There’s huge value in increasing our gratitude instantly on a daily basis as well.   This energy is where we have the most creative power and the least resistance to manifesting things into our lives.  When we feel gratitude it is an indication that we are aligned with our desires.  We can deliberately tune into this feeling more and more by finding things to appreciate NOW. 

Here are a few of my favourite ways to tune into gratitude NOW:

  1. GIVE freely to someone without expecting anything in return, for the sheer joy of raising their energy and tuning into the power you have to uplift others.   We are here to help each other out, and when we give and truly feel our power to uplift, we recognize our greatest energetic value in the world. 
  2. Meditate for 5-10 minutes then right after look for things all around you to appreciate, and state your appreciation for them out loud.  For example you can say “I appreciate this chair, I appreciate my books on my shelf …” and see how long you can do that for. 
  3. Write a gratitude list!  This is similar to saying things you appreciate out loud, except that writing things stimulates different parts of your brain than just saying them, so these can be separate activities that are uniquely beneficial.  See how long you can write about things you appreciate for. 
  4. Do something creative like dance or sing, and put your heart and soul into it.  Feel your gratitude strengthen as you embrace your free flowing expression.
  5. Think of something you have now that at one point in time you desperately wanted but didn’t believe you could achieve.  Take a moment to deeply appreciate that thing.  Then take another moment to realize how you can transform your life and how you are capable of way more than you can currently even conceive of.  Life is magical! 
  6. Look at pictures from times that give you a lot of joy to reminisce about. 

To celebrate my husband here are a few pictures that capture some epic moments of deep gratitude.   

Wedding day – Oct. 11, 2014

Bart and Jodi's Wedding

Engagement – January 19, 2013

Engagement Photo

1 Year Celebration Dinner – October 9, 2015

At the boathouse

What are some ways that you love to tune into gratitude? 

To your ever increasing state of gratitude and appreciation! 


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