Soul Ignitors – What is a Soul Ignitor?

The other morning I started thinking about what a soul ignitor is.  I had a lot of inspired ideas flow through my mind, and instead of just thinking about them, I decided to record my voice in my phone so I could capture the inspiration as it flowed.  This is what I created!

Video Transcript:

Soul Ignitors!  What is a soul ignitor? 

A soul ignitor is somebody who resonates with the words ‘soul ignitor’.  It’s someone who’s had their soul ignited,

somebody who lives in a space of passion,

and wants to connect with others on a deep soul level,

who wants to empower, heal, spread joy and love, and transform the planet. 

A soul ignitor can be born in anyone, anytime.

It’s just a matter of igniting your soul because we’re all connected to the same source, we’re all connected by the same energy, and we all have a power and purpose in our souls.

Once your soul is ignited, once you become conscious …

of who you are

you are a flame that’s burning,

and just as a flame can light other candles

you can ignite other souls.

That is why you are a soul ignitor!

We burn stronger and brighter when we combine our gifts and share with each other,

and uplift each other, support each other,

become aware of each other’s existence.

A lot of soul ignitors are drawn to things that

may be considered magical.

Although …

we know that our greatest power is that of our own

minds and hearts.

We know that we are 100% responsible

for what we create in our lives, and that’s why it’s so important

that we connect with each other, and help each other to take responsibility, and to create what we want.

Because when we’re creating what we want we are transforming the planet. 

Our desires …

are the solutions to the challenges the planet faces.

Our pure desires, the things that we want to do, the things that we want to create, those are the solutions to the biggest challenges on the planet.

It might seem to some that your particular vision doesn’t fit in, but there is a bigger more beautiful plan than our minds can imagine, and the way that we fit our puzzle pieces in is just by following what makes us happy, and what helps us to burn our flames brighter, and what helps us to be of greater service to others. 

We don’t have to know all the other pieces, though when we do connect, the puzzle pieces start to form a more clear and more beautiful vision. 

We are here …

to live with our souls on fire. 


Jodi - my name

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