New Coaching Video & New Acuity Scheduling System

I have just updated my life coaching page and I feel inspired to share a few of the things that I changed.  I’ve been looking for a sheduling system where anyone who wants to have a session with me can view my availability and go ahead and schedule a session right on my website.   I’ve seen several different scheduling systems and I found one that I really like a lot.  It’s called acuity scheduling. 

There are lots of awesome features it includes, and here are the main ones that I really appreciate right now:

  • You can choose your time zone and all of my listed availability will be converted to your time zone.
  • You can schedule different kinds of appointments.
  • You can pay for your sessions at the same time that you schedule them.
  • It integrates with paypal or stripe.
  • It’s really easy to use.
  • I can embed the scheduler on my site.
  • It comes with an ecommerce store for selling things like books or other products.  I’ll have to explore this option further another time.
  • I can customize how far in advance or how soon anyone can book a session.  Ex. only after 48 hours and before 60 days.  
  • It sends email reminders. 
  • There’s a free version with limited options, but the one I got is $10/month, very affordable. 
  • It makes scheduling much more efficient. 

I created this new video for my coaching page which I will share here, and I will embed the scheduler below too.  I’m having so much fun learning different creative ways to share my services. 


And here is the acuity scheduler below where I set up a free 30 minute session option, or a regular 1:1 session with the option to pay right away.

If you are a coach, healer, or offer services that need scheduling I hope that you found this useful.  I’d love to hear what kinds of scheduling systems work for you as well. You can check out my life coaching page where I made these updates here.    


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