Visualization To Own Your Own Power

Audio Transcript:

Visualization to own your own power:

Imagine yourself sitting on a beach, and it’s an absolutely beautiful day.  You see your feet and your legs out in front of you in the sand, and you’re sitting on a beach chair.  You see the ocean in front of you that goes on and on forever.  And the sun is shining so bright, there’s not a cloud in the sky.  You feel completely at peace, and you absorb the beautiful sound of the ocean waves.  You feel so calm and so relaxed and completely free.  You just take a moment to breath in this space.  It’s just so beautiful. 

All of a sudden, your thoughts start to shift.  You start to think about the people in your life who have told you that you can’t do it.  The people who have put you down, who tore you apart energetically.  All the ‘I can’ts’, all the ‘not good enoughs’, all those things that have been incorporated in your mind start to come to the surface, and your energy shifts.  And you see clouds starting to form in the sky.  And then you hear something.  You hear somebody say ” You can’t sit on the beach, you can’t enjoy the sunshine, you can’t do that.”  And you realize in that moment that that’s exactly what you’re doing, and you realize that all of those voices are lies.  They’re all illusions; they’re not real.  They don’t control you, they don’t need to affect you.  And you take a deep breath and you let it out.  You feel a small sense of relief.  And you decide that only good thoughts can come in now, only ‘I cans’, only ‘I’m good enough’, only positive. 

You visualize a bubble being created around you, an energy bubble.  And it’s the size of your body and your chair, and it just covers you just enough.  And you feel peaceful in this bubble, and you feel safe and protected in this bubble.  Only good things come in; only good things can permeate the wall.  So you feel the sun, and you hear the waves, and you smell the ocean.  Anything negative sticks to the outside of this ball.  And as you feel relaxed and good and happy the ball starts to grow.  And it expands and expands filtering out everything in your environment.  All the can’ts, all the shouldn’ts, all the negative thoughts.  They’re being filtered out of your environment.  You’re only left with empowering, loving, positive thoughts. 

And this ball grows and grows and grows.  It covers the whole beach, it covers the whole ocean, and anything negative sticks to the outside and all the positive is growing and growing.  It covers the city you’re in, it covers the country you’re in, and it grows and grows and grows and grows, until it becomes as large as the planet.  And now, all those negative thoughts stuck to the outside, they just disintegrate in space. 

All that’s left is love.  And you feel so peaceful, and you feel so good.  And you realize that you sitting where you are on the beach on your chair, and the whole beach, and the whole ocean, the whole city, the whole country, the whole planet, are all you.  They’re all a part of you.  And you have the power to create this atmosphere of love and peace and clean beautiful thoughts with your own choosing, and your own consciousness, and your awareness, and visualization.  You have the power to go here.  And the more often you go here, the more pure and clean and beautiful you create your world everyday.  You are so beautiful, you are so powerful, you can do it. 


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