September Monthly Coaching Special

Happy September!  I’m excited to celebrate this month by offering an amazing coaching package. 

Are you ready to clear some blocks, get more clarity on a goal, make commitments to your dreams, or connect more deeply with your life purpose?  Would you love some awesomely positive encouragement, and someone to hold you accountable to doing those things you so want to do in your life?  Well I would so love to help you! 

The way my coaching works is I will either call you on the phone or on skype and I will ask you what you are wanting to work on, or what you would like to create in your life right now.  We’ll discuss whatever you like that will make the biggest impact for you.  I will listen to your words and energy to feel how aligned you are with your desires and I will help you to clear blocks, and get excited about what you are wanting to create.  We will use the subconscious release technique (a powerful technique I learned from The Secret To Life Coaching) to clear blocks around your desires, and a variety of manifesting techniques for whatever is relevant and applicable to what we discuss. 

Every session is different because every person is different so each session will be totally individualized to who you are and where you are at.   I will ask you to think of some action steps you can take after each call that are totally achievable, that will help you to implement the things we discuss and take you towards your goal.   I’ll also get you to follow up with me throughout to week to make sure you have completed those actions.  It’s a super simple yet super powerful process, and I just LOVE doing this work! 

Here is my special offer to you:

For four sixty minute coaching sessions with one per week, I normally charge


For the month of September I am offering this same monthly coaching, with four sixty minute sessions for:

$350 —> $100 Total CAD (Canadian dollars)

In October I will raise my prices again, so you can purchase and commit to this until the end of September.  If this is something you know you want I encourage you to follow your inspiration and take action.  I’m so excited to work with you  😀 

Send me an email at to schedule your coaching sessions or fill out this form below!

To your outrageous success and fulfillment,

Jodi - my name


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