How To Have The Best Day Ever Every Single Day

Transcript of video:

Hello Jodi Piotrowski here, today is THE BEST DAY EVER!!! πŸ˜€

Why is today the best day ever?  Because I decided that it would be the best day ever!  So, how does that work, how do you have the best day ever every day (which is what I titled this video)?  Before you understand how to have the best day ever it’s important to come to the perspective that the best day ever is a subjective thing.  So it is based on your perspective and experience, and it’s not based on things that happen in the day, specific things that happen, or specific things that you create!  Rather it’s based on how you perceive anything that happens and anything that you create.  It’s all about how you perceive things.  So since we have the power to choose how we perceive things, we have the power to choose that every day can indeed be the best day ever, and that just means that things keep getting better and better!

So, first thing is to wake up and decide that whatever happens in the day, whatever you create, whatever I create, it’s going to be amazing.  I’m going to experience it in an amazing way, I’m going to perceive it in an amazing way.  If it’s a challenge, I’m going to be excited that I get to resolve something.  I’m going to be excited that I get to have some new level of understanding, or some new lesson that I can conquer, or whatever feels good to you, it doesn’t matter.  So when you look at challenges that way … I mean of course there are things that you might grieve over, or feel negative emotions over, but that doesn’t have to be the norm, you can literally feel good 99% of the time through your perspective, and through setting up everything to see it in a way that will benefit you and will also benefit others.  It really is that simple, and in order to make every day the best day, and really do it as a natural thing that you do without even having to think about it, you just do it every day for like … I don’t know, until you do it by default, as long as it takes,  cuz’ you’ll do whatever it takes to get there because it’s so amazing, and why wouldn’t you want to have the best day ever every day?

So, that’s how you have the best day ever every single day.  Go and have the best day ever!  Until next time!  πŸ˜€ 

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