Do You Want To Be A Life Coach? – Here’s your Opportunity!

For a long time I’ve known that I wanted to be some kind of mentor or coach.  I’ve known that I wanted to work with people to get in tune with their unique gifts and passions, and help them live more happy, fulfilled, authentic, passionate, freedom driven, successful lives.  About four months ago I found the absolute perfect training that is completely in line with my dreams, passions, and vision for what I want to do in the world and how I want to do it.  I found The Secret To Life Coaching. 

The way it happened was the week before I found this company and training I was talking to my husband about the kind of work I want to do with people.  I was describing how I want to help people in a really practical way and give tools and insight on how to shift anything in your life quickly and effectively.   I got really clear and specific on what I wanted to do.  Then I saw a hashtag on facebook that said #thesecrettolifecoaching and I went to their website.  I requested a free thirty minute session on a Friday, I had my session the next day, and by the Monday after that I started my coaching training.  This was exactly what I was looking for.  It happened that fast once I made the decision and my life has dramatically been shifting in so many empowering ways ever since I made that choice.  I could go on and on about this, but this post isn’t really about me.   This post is for YOU! 

Have you thought about being a mentor or life coach?  I know that I have a lot of friends and people I’m connected with who would like to be coaches but don’t know where to start.  I have attracted a lot of people into my reality who are really like-minded, service oriented, intuitive, awesome leaders, who don’t feel like they have the foundation, skills, or confidence to offer their gifts as services, but would really love to.  Are you one of these people?  

Well here is YOUR amazing opportunity.  This is BIG.  The Secret To Life Coaching has created an online coaching certification program.  Regularly it sells for $297.  BUT, this weekend they are offering a Labor Day Special and you can receive this phenomenal training for FREE.  Wait let me make that bigger. 


There that’s better!  So starting Friday, through this weekend ending Monday at midnight, they are offering their Level 1 Online Life Coaching Certification.  With this product you will receive a training video that teaches you how to use a technique called The Subconscious Release Technique.  This is a game changer in coaching.  This technique will take you from just listening to people’s challenges and offering insight and advice to finding the root cause of these challenges and clearing them, then creating new patterns of thought that are congruent with their goals and dreams.  It is very simple to learn and use, and is incredibly effective.  I have been using it in my own life on a regular basis, and I have seen it create dramatic shifts with all the clients I’ve worked with as well.  You will also receive all of the Level One Life Coaching Training Online Program, and your certificate. 

This is definitely for you if you want to be a coach, and it is also for you if you are already a coach or healer and you want more tools to use with your clients.  If you just want to use it in your own life for your personal growth it is also amazing personal development training. 

Here’s how you can go and receive this awesomely generous and life changing gift.  Go to the website and sign up for the Level One Certification on the Products page.  Add to cart and then put in your info and enter the CODE: DREAM, then complete your $0 purchase.  No credit card is needed. 

That’s it!  Coral Grant is the CEO of the company and learning from her absolutely incredible and fearless leadership has completely changed my life and my belief in what I’m capable of.  Everyone I’ve worked with in the company and all the people I’ve met on the calls have been SO positive; this company is changing the planet. 

I absolutely encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, and if you know anyone else who is interested in becoming a coach please send this information over to them.  Remember it lasts until Monday at midnight so go take action NOW. 



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