68 Seconds of Thought

68 seconds is the magic number that begins the manifestation of what you desire. 

“When you repeatedly return to a pure thought, maintaining it for at least 68 seconds, in a short period of time (hours in some cases or a few days in others), that thought becomes a dominant thought.  And once you achieve a dominant thought, you will experience matching manifestations until you change it.” -Abraham-Hicks from the book Ask and it is Given

As I mentioned in this video, one of the activities I did to practice implementing this awareness of the power of 68 seconds in my life, is that I recorded my voice on my cell phone talking positively and with lots of good emotion about the thing I am working on creating.  I then made this sound clip come on 10 times a day with my alarm on my cell phone.  It’s good when these 68 seconds of thought are spread out throughout the day, because part of the way we train our brains is through spaced repetition.  Doing this practice on a daily basis for thirty days is therefore extremely powerful! 

My friend Christine and I have created an awesome and fun challenge that helps to implement this concept as well.  In our challenge you post your top three successes towards a goal every day for thirty days in our private facebook group, and you connect with a group of supportive like minded people to help cheer you on.  It’s an awesome way to build momentum towards your goals, recognize your daily achievements, focus on what you are wanting on a daily basis, and connect with amazing people.  If you are interested in learning more about this challenge, check out our website at www.makesuccessahabit.com.   Our first challenge starts September 15, 2015.  It’s going to be so much FUN! 

What did you get out of this video?  Do you already consciously apply this practice and do you have any tips and tricks for focusing for 68 seconds on what you want on a daily basis?  

To your amazing deliberate creation,

Jodi - my name




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