Spontaneous meditation, music listening, and laughing and crying at the same time :D

Ever have an experience that’s just so perfectly what you need, that’s totally unplanned and inspired in the moment?  I had one of those this morning, and as I begin to write this right now, I realize I want some more. 

I’ve been focusing for awhile now on making the most productive use of my time, and consciously thinking about all of the motivation behind my actions, making sure everything I’m doing is in line with my goals.  I have to say, this way of being and focusing has a lot of benefits.  My belief in myself has been consistently increasing, and my momentum towards my goals has been steadily rising.  In so many ways I feel way more empowered and in control in my life in general.   

However, there are some detriments to this constant focus too.  Sometimes the most powerful breakthroughs can come from just letting go and not doing anything, and just processing or having fun and not thinking about anything other than your own enjoyment in the ‘now’.  I do realize though, that getting the most out of these moments of letting go is often preceded by intense focus and action, so these different energies definitely work in conjunction with one another. 

This morning after thinking about the best things I could do today to build momentum in my business goals, I decided to just put all of my thoughts on the shelf and take some time for self care.  I had a bath, and listened to music.  OH music, how brilliant you are at triggering emotion to come to the surface!

After my bath I just listened to music and meditated for, I don’t even know how long, but it felt AMAZING.  At one point I simultaneously starting to laugh and cry.  Have YOU ever done that? 

I remember doing that once in grade three when I fell off the monkey bars at recess.  When I came back into the classroom I laughed and cried at the same time, because I was both embarrassed and in pain, but also amused with the whole situation.  It’s definitely a special kind of release of emotion when you laugh and cry together. 

So, yes I laughed and cried at the same time in the midst of my meditation this morning and it was such a great release.  I deeply recognized things that I am ready to let go of that are no longer serving me, and I also got excited and felt joyful about things I am ready to create.  Oh change; it’s such a complex ride!  But so very wonderful, and what this ‘life’ thing is truly all about. 

I realize through this beautiful release and shift I experienced that there are so many techniques that we can consciously use that are indeed so very powerful at helping us shift stuff in our lives, but what’s not to be overlooked or underestimated is the power of our own inspired thoughts and actions when we just surrender to our own inner guidance.  I’m getting a little emotional writing this so I know it’s powerful and true. 

I feel like the process of trusting and following my gut, and surrendering the ‘how‘ to the universe is something that I can embrace more in my life right now, and that feels really good.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop taking action, and it doesn’t mean surrendering ‘what’ specifically I want; it just means that I am feeling more open to receiving spiritual help and guidance from my intuition, which has a heck of a lot more knowing and wisdom than my conscious mind does.  😀 

The process of writing this has made me cultivate a whole lot of gratitude for the connection we all have to infinite wisdom. 

I’d love to hear, what does this post bring up for you?  Can you embrace your intuition more in your life right now, or perhaps more structured action and commitment to a ‘how‘ is what you’re feeling called to embrace?    May you find something that totally nourishes your soul and gives you just what you need right now.


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