The Hummingbird That Gave Me Chills

I have a story that I am greatly inspired to share.   It is about a moment that felt totally, completely magical.  I feel like sometimes these moments can happen, and if we don’t share them we can easily forget about them, or if we remember, we can question the true magical nature of them because we’ve been too far removed from the energy of them.  So it feels really important to share this right now for myself, but also for those of you who this will inspire to recognize these moments in your own life and recount them to others or in a journal, so that you may remember their magicalness also. 

The story begins with a post I shared on Monday night about an Abraham Hicks video that talks about suggested action steps to do every day.  Here is this post to see the video I am referring to and the action steps that are outlined.  I committed to doing the last action step before going to bed that night, which I did and it felt great.  I also did it the very next morning, and that is when this magical moment occurred. 

Here is a description of the activity that I did: 

We would look upward and outward, it’s best if you do it outside or standing at the window, and we would acknowledge that there are universal forces that are focused right at you.  We would acknowledge by calling it by name, if you have a name that you like, and we would say “I acknowledge that I am the object of your positive attention and I’m appreciating your continual gaze on behalf of my well being, and today no matter where I am, no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, and no matter who I am doing it with, I will be in conscious awareness that you too are there with me, appreciating me, supporting me, assisting me, acknowledging me, inspiring me, guiding me, having fun with me, acknowledging me, supporting me, assisting me, inspiring me, helping me, guiding me, aware of me, loving me, showing me, inspiring me, guiding me, helping me, uplifting me, showing me” … get into an endless loop of that acknowledgment and watch what begins to happen in your life as soon as this day.  ~Abraham Hicks

 When I did this in the morning the day after posting about this, I stood by the window and said it in my own words.  I cannot remember what my own words were I just felt the intention of the message and stood in wonderment and appreciation that I am the focal point of some power greater than myself, and that I am loved, and guided, and helped, and inspired etc.  It felt so good to think these thoughts and I felt like I had no resistance in my being at all. 

Then all of the sudden, in the midst of my appreciative thoughts, a hummingbird flew right in front of my window; it was SO close.  It paused and stared right at me for a few seconds and then flew away.  This was one of those special moments where I was totally entranced and felt like time slowed down, or didn’t even exist.  I got chills down my arms and felt, even knew, that this bird was responding to my thinking, and was acknowledging the truth of my thoughts.  I felt like the universe was responding to me and saying, yes, we absolutely see you, adore you, and are always with you.  

I have never seen a hummingbird in my backyard before, and I don’t recall one pausing  in front of me and staring at me ever before either.  The thing is my mind could find reasons to play down the beautiful meaning and significance that I got from this, but either way it doesn’t matter, because I have the power to create more of this.  I have the power to create more magic and more beauty, and more moments that line up so perfectly where there is no doubt in my mind that I am guided and loved by a power far bigger than me.   Each moment always looks a little bit different than the next too; it’s always more fun to discover things anew in slightly different ways. 

I am excited for more of this, and I’d love to hear about your experiences that are like this as well.  Please share if you’ve experienced a moment where you felt that your thoughts were immediately answered by forces much bigger than you, that gave you an overpowering sense that you were being heard, and loved, and acknowledged, and guided etc. 

In reverent appreciation for the vastness and magic of the universe, 

Jodi - my name


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