Feel Good Monday: “Shine On”

This weekend was absolutely awesome.  I’m finishing up my coaching certification course through The Secret To Life Coaching right now, and part of the process is offering free sessions.  This weekend I did eight free sessions and I had the best time ever working with amazing souls, hearing their dreams and releasing blocks.  I just love this work so much.  Since I am focusing on coaching as my main priority right now, I thought that I may skip this post tonight and give myself an evening of rest and reading.  But then I remembered that I just came across this song I shared several years ago, and it felt really good to listen to, so I feel like this is a perfect opportunity to share this song tonight. 

I remember writing this song on Easter weekend five years ago, and I wrote it and recorded it in one weekend.  It felt so good to just allow the melody, lyrics, and harmonies to pour out of me.  Oh how I love the feeling of being magnificently obsessed with a creative project.  When I created it I didn’t know or really care that much about the best kind of recording technology available.  I just used garage band, and a microphone and worked with what I had.  I’m proud of myself that I went for it and shared it with whatever tools I had to work with.  It’s really cool what we can do when we decide to create with whatever tools we currently have.  😀 I feel like this concept can be applied to any endeavor in life!  It’s always great to dive in where you’re at, and through your joyful appreciation of what you’ve got, you create more to be joyful about and more resources to utilize.  😀  That’s my insight for the evening! 

Here is my song! 


Cheers to working with what you’ve got and creating beautiful things!


Jodi - my name


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