Feel Good Monday – ‘I AM’ Alphabet Affirmations Game

Tonight I was inspired to make this list of positive affirmations from A to Z using ‘I Am’ phrases.  It made me feel both excited and a little nervous so I thought this would be the perfect share for this magnificent Monday. 

Here is the list of affirmations I used: 

I Am Amazing.
I Am Beautiful.
I Am Creative.
I Am Decisive.
I Am Energetic.
I Am Fun.
I Am Generous.
I Am Honest.
I Am Imaginative.
I Am Joyous.
I Am Kind.
I Am Loving.
I Am Magnificent.
I Am Noble.
I Am Optimistic.
I Am Passionate.
I Am Qualified.
I Am Radiant.
I Am Strong.
I Am Terrific.
I Am Understanding.
I Am Victorious.
I Am Wondrous.
I Am Xenial.
I Am Youthful.
I Am Zealous.


I challenge you to say these phrases, or similar phrases in front of the mirror with energy and enthusiasm within 24 hours of watching this video. then let me know how it felt.  I encourage you to allow yourself to put your whole heart into it and feel absolutely AMAZING. πŸ˜€ 

Bonus challenge: Does anyone know another positive adjective that starts with ‘x’? 


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