My First Tandem Skydive Was AMAZING

Last week I decided to go skydiving.  This was a decision that had been building up for a few weeks.  The seed was first planted in my mind during a money manifestation course I’m taking with The Secret To Life Coaching.  The message was that skydiving is something that will really help me get over fear, and get out of my comfort zone. 

Generally I have some resistance to doing things for the sole reason that someone has challenged me to.  If I’m presented with a new opportunity it’s important to me that I have a deep seeded reason for going through with it that is in line with my core desires.   That being said, I won’t justify away an opportunity because it feels too big or too scary either. 

So, I was kind of on the fence for a few weeks.  I never wanted to go skydiving, I haven’t naturally been a thrill seeker or big risk taker.  But, there were just too many messages that were popping up all over the place for me from different sources that were saying “get out of your comfort zone”.  My reading video I made the weekend before making this decision was all about seeking failure, and always being in the process of growing.  That video was just one of several messages that I was hearing loud and clear coming from all different angles. 

I decided that I couldn’t live in integrity with myself if I didn’t go.  I decided that I was going to create a strong new belief about myself, that I am courageous and I can face the unknown with excitement.  I decided that I was going to tune into unwavering faith and gratitude, and that I was going to be just fine.  MORE than just fine in fact, I was going to be changed and ready to face the other fears that have been holding me back in different areas of my life with confidence and conviction. 

I have to say that the scariest part of this experience may have been picking up the phone and calling to schedule my skydive.  I knew that once I did that I wouldn’t be backing down. 

On the morning before the jump I did a lot of affirmations, and I used the subconscious release technique I have learned in my life coaching training.  Basically the technique involves releasing fears and then filling your mind up with positive beliefs.  It is incredibly powerful.  I used this technique on the whole 20 minute drive to the airport as well.  When I got there I definitely had a lot of excited anticipation, and certainly there was some fear, but I also felt a lot of peacefulness.  I was just focusing on being 100% present and enjoying every single moment of the experience and as a result of this mind set, it was just a whole lot of fun. 

I had the quote in my mind “the way you do anything is the way you do everything” so I’m so happy that I was able to work through this, and make it happen with joyfulness and a good amount of ease.  If I’m ever feeling like I’m lacking courage in the future I will watch this video. 

Oh, I also watched lots of skydiving videos before going so I could get an idea of what I was going to experience.  Lanny Morton’s video is so inspiring, and I thank him greatly because he’s the one that challenged everyone to go skydiving in the first place.  I also watched a few videos on the Skydive the city facebook page, which eased my mind because that is where I went so I felt even better that I got to see what I was going to be looking at while falling.   Skydive the city is such an awesome place.  Everyone there was super friendly and totally made me feel calm, completely safe, and so excited at the same time.  😀  

I’m so happy that I got video of this experience and I know that it will help others get over some of the fear of the unknown when it comes to skydiving.  Hey, if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!  Seriously!  See for yourself! 😀 

I’d love to hear your skydiving stories!  What did you like best about this video? 


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