Feel Good Monday – Abraham Hicks & Divine Timing

This afternoon I was thinking a lot about Abraham Hicks.  I have learned so much from Abraham, and hearing their teachings for the first time about 8 years ago now, pretty much totally expanded my consciousness and my understanding of how the world works.   Today I was appreciating how much my perception of reality has changed as a result of tuning into their teachings, then funnily enough when I got home from work there was a postcard advertising an Abraham seminar coming up close to me in Seattle in July.  “What perfect timing to see that today,” I thought to myself when I saw it.   I may have gotten one a year ago, but it’s rare to receive this. 

Since they’ve been on my mind, this evening I feel like sharing an Abraham video as my ‘Feel Good Monday’ post.  Listening to positive audios and videos is such a great way to get your mind focused on the things that feel good and to tune into your own sense of empowerment, so it feels very fitting to share this. 

I just searched Abraham videos and amongst the very many that came up on my screen, this one below is the one that stood out to me to watch, so this is the one I will share.  It’s about how the universe is always communicating with us by every and all means to guide us towards where we want to go.  It’s also about how everything always works out in perfect timing, and it’s not our job to control when things happen but rather to be prepared for opportunities to follow our intuitive impulses.  

I wrote this part down from the video because it really stood out to me this evening:

“It’s your work, your singular work to prepare a vibrational atmosphere around yourself so that you are the realizer of the impulses that will put you on the path.  Not just because the path will lead you to where you want to go but because the path is so delicious as it is unfolding.” ~Abraham Hicks

To me what this is about is that it’s our job to prepare our vibration and energy to allow us to be inspired and be ready for opportunities so that we follow our inspiration when they present themselves.  This message makes me think of something I heard last weekend at Dream Weekend with The Global Information Network.  Troy McClain shared a definition of luck which is this: 

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” ~Seneca the Younger

I like this definition of luck because rather than the random impression that the word often creates of receiving things by chance, this definition implies that luck is created by those who are prepared for opportunities.  So as we prepare a vibrational atmosphere around ourselves so that we may become the realizers of the impulses that will take us where we want to go we become very lucky. 

There are so many nuggets of gold in this video.  Please feel free to share what you get from it, and whether you have been drawn here in ‘perfect timing’ to receive some kind of relevant message for you.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Are you ‘one of the weird people’ too?  ๐Ÿ˜‰ 




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