Affirmations – You are doing amazingly well! <3

Important reminder! Today is a day to celebrate life, to celebrate yourself, and to celebrate the world.  In our world and in our lives we have been programmed to predominantly look for what’s going wrong.  This habit in no way serves us, and there is a collective shift that is happening NOW. 

The way we contribute to this shift is to shift inside ourselves, to recognize our own greatness and to see and acknowledge what powerful creators we truly are.  The more we see our own inherent goodness, and the more we shed light on our most genuine and deepest desires to grow, expand, and inspire beauty and greatness around us, the more we are able to create beautiful, amazing things on this planet. 

Take a moment to recognize yourself, and have gratitude for at least 3 powerful and awesome things that you have created in your life right now.  Feel free to share them or keep them to yourself. Allow yourself to go deeply into gratitude about them, and think of more than three things that feel good to you. 

Thoughts attract other thoughts.  Good feeling thoughts attract more good feeling thoughts.  Allow yourself to build momentum in your recognition of your own power and greatness, and project that energy out into the world.  Together, by acknowledging our own creative power and by focusing on the things we want to create, we are changing the planet. 

You are doing amazingly well - affirmations

You are doing amazingly well!


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