Getting Risky And Sharing A Raw Melody On Abundance!

Usually on Wednesday’s I post a recipe.  I started my blog in January and since I started, every week I’ve posted a recipe.  But this week I have to do something different. 

The thing is, posting recipes feels too safe for me right now.  It was a good way to establish a habit of sharing, and to tune into creativity, but now I’m ready to get a bit more risky with what I have to share.  I’m defining risk by tuning more deeply into my passions, and allowing myself to be more vulnerable.   There may be more recipes in the future but right now I’ve got something else for you. 

I actually had no idea what I was going to write about tonight until about a half an hour ago.  I knew that I would find the perfect thing that really inspires me, and I did.  I’m currently taking a life coaching certification course and I’m also taking a money manifestation course through  This training is absolutely blowing my mind and I am loving it SO much.  Over the past few weeks my life has been so much more joyful and purposeful as a result of these classes and I have SO much to say about it but I will save that for another time. 

Tonight, I want to share this powerful phrase I learned today. 

“From abundance he took abundance, and still abundance remained.”

What does this phrase mean? 

It means that the universe provides abundance and we cannot take too much, for there will always be abundance.  Think of air!  You can breathe in air, and still there is an abundance of air to breathe.  By taking you are not dissipating the resource of air, and this applies to money as well.  By receiving money you are not creating less for others; it doesn’t work that way.  You take, and still abundance remains.  This phrase relates to Chapter 3 in the book The Science of Getting Rich which is entitled “Is Opportunity Monopolized?”!  The short answer is no, opportunity is not monopolized and the book goes on to explain this in beautiful detail.  😉 

One of the ways that I remember things really well is by repeating them through song.  Repetition is key for memory, and music is my passion. So following my intuition I made up a melody for this phrase and I recorded myself singing it.  Here is the video of me singing below.  This is totally raw, and I made it in one take and made up the melody a minute before recording it.  Usually I would try to edit any music I create and make it all perfect, but I’m getting out of my comfort zone so here you go.  A raw melody on aundance.  Enjoy!  😀 

What’s one way you can get out of your comfort zone this week? 😉


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