Following My Inner Guidance And Confirmation From The Universe

Good evening friends!  I was planning on writing an exciting post tonight and creating a fun video to go with it.  I have the whole thing in mind and I was excited about doing it this evening!  However, I am feeling really tired tonight and feel like I need to make getting a really good night’s sleep a priority.  I had a conversation about the importance of sleep with my husband at dinner and everything 🙂 

Now, I was still going to focus on creating this post idea I have despite feeling tired, but after dinner I listened to this webinar/call that I committed to listen to today as part of a course I’m taking.  This course is about manifesting money and has nothing directly to do with blogging or sleep.  BUT, randomly out of nowhere, it was mentioned in the training that it’s really important to get a good night’s sleep because it will help you to manifest and create more effectively in your life. 

Because of the synchronicity of hearing that message after declaring that I feel like I need more sleep, I’m going to make this really short, and create my more time consuming post idea on Friday instead.  That way I will be able to put more energy, focus, and care into the creation process, and it will feel a whole lot better.  That will also allow me to be sure to go to bed really early tonight!  🙂

I’m sharing this here because of a concept that I consciously practice in my life that has to do with commitments.  If there is a commitment I’ve made that doesn’t feel right to keep because there’s something that feels like a higher priority, I immediately acknowledge it, and then adjust it to what feels more aligned with the my highest good.  

So that’s all I have to share this evening!   I’m wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, and that you get a really good night’s sleep too.  Cheers to health, happiness, rest, manifesting, and abundance!  Oh, and happy dreams too, lots and lots of happy dreams! 


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