Does Structure Limit Creativity? – My 33 Minute Music Experiment

I’m going to give myself 33 minutes to create something. Whatever I create in that time I have to share. The purpose of this experiment is to play with how structure and limitations of time etc. can be liberating in certain contexts and to varying degrees.

I’m going to put the timer on my phone and create music using my keyboard, my microphone, and the music software program I have called Pro Tools SE.  This software is fairly new to me so I’m giving myself a challenge to produce something with it.  I’m making an agreement, that no matter what I produce within this 33 minutes I will share it.  Let’s see what happens!

Here goes!  I’m excited!


OK 33 minutes have passed and I’ve created something.  I took about 4 minutes extra to finish up editing this a little bit.  Then I made this quick little video to go with the audio I created. 

Here is what I made:


Here are 10 motivating insights I got from this experiment:

  1. Music Making is so much fun when it’s more about the journey and not the destination
  2. When I make a decision to do something and give myself a timeline, I do it with much more focus and determination.
  3. In an intense focused state, making decisions quickly is necessary and easier to do.  There is no space for indecision. 
  4. There’s no space to be a perfectionist on a tight schedule with a sense of urgency.  All that matters is to DO IT NOW! 
  5. It’s fun to create something when I have decided to share it no matter what. 
  6. If I had not created this structure and limitation within my experiment, this probably would have taken me a long time to do, and I would not have shared it. 
  7. I enjoy living in the moment. 
  8. I like what I created.  This is a good way to create momentum towards increased creative output. 
  9. I’m inspired to do this more often. 
  10. Freedom can be found within structure because structure allows me to tap into more of my potential when I give myself limitations that feel good and motivate me into inspired action.

 YAY!  What do you think of this creation and experiment?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, or how you feel about the relationship between creativity and structure. 


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