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You know when you get one of those flashes of inspiration and you can’t say exactly where it comes from, but when you act upon it, it initiates a huge paradigm shift in some aspect of your being?  I had one of those a few weeks ago and it relates to food. 

My flash of inspiration was to start blessing my food.  One of the biggest reasons I was inspired to do this is because I am in the process of changing the way I think and feel about the food I eat.  I’m shifting the contradictory beliefs within my consiousness so that I only feel good about what I eat. 

Generally speaking, in our collective consciousness there are tons of mixed beliefs and mixed emotions about food.  Inevitably through our life experiences we pick up a lot of these contradictions within our own psyches, and these contradictions translate into having both good and bad feelings towards the foods that we choose to eat.  I’m realizing that reconciling these contradictions and sorting out this confusion to find what works for us individually is a completely unique experience for every person.  In other words we’re all going to come to different conclusions at different times about what our preferences are and what’s best for us.  So, with respect for everyone’s path this post is about making the most of the unique choices that we do make and bringing consciousness to the notion of choosing things that feel good. 

Since I started blessing my food I have been succeeding in achieving deeper positive emotions about the food that I eat.  Part of what inspired me to start blessing my food is Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work which I first learned about years ago through the movie What the Bleep Do We Know.  The basic concept of his work is that when you say or direct positive words to water molecules, over time the molecules will actually be influenced by these words and will show beautiful harmonious shapes.  On the other hand, when you say or direct negative words to the water molecules, over time the molecules will show distorted chaotic shapes.  Here is a clip from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know, that explains this concept in more depth.  You can also learn more about Dr. Emoto’s work in his book The Hidden Messages in Water

While I was recently in the midst of putting my flash of inspiration into action, another related piece of inspiration starting zipping around in my social media circles.  Danielle Laporte shared an article on her website about how her and her son experimented with an apple by cutting it in half and saying only positive things to one half, and negative things to the other half.  Over a 25 day or so time frame, the two halves looked significantly different and you can definitely tell which one got the love, and which one got the opposite.  Here is that article.  It’s got a really great picture to visually prove how this concept works.

I played around with this concept a few months ago too in a different context.  Going through the experiments in the book ESquared by Pam Grout, I practiced saying positive things to my food in one experiment, and I also tried to make beans grow at different speeds by saying positive things to some seeds and negative things to others.  I didn’t have much success with the beans.  I did enjoy saying positive things to my food but what I was lacking in both experiments was a deeper self initiated purpose.  The process was certainly very valuable despite this lack of purpose, because I can tell by what I’m thinking about right now that it planted some powerful seeds in my mind. 

So now, back to blessing food.  There are many layers and reasons as to why this is a beneficial process. 

Reasons for Blessing Your Food:

  1. By projecting positive thoughts onto my food I can change the properties of my food to make it more harmonious in nature.  Or conversely, if I project negative thoughts onto my food, I make it more distorted and chaotic in nature.  Intuitively it seems obvious that the more harmonious foods will be better absorbed and digested by our bodies, and will possibly even be more nutritious.  
  2.   Something I noticed by putting this concept into practice with the purpose of feeling only good about my food, is that I can’t actually viscerally tell if the composition of my food changes, but what I CAN viscerally feel is that the composition of my own body shifts through the blessing process.  By really going into the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the food I’m eating, I literally feel my body relax, and I feel my senses become more acute. 
  3. I can intuitively feel that by relaxing my body more, and tuning into the feeling of appreciation I am better able to absorb and digest my food.  But not only that!  Since my senses are more acute I am able to taste more of my food, and really truly experience deeper and more complex flavours, that generally go unnoticed when my consciousness is clouded with negativity or distraction.  This heightened sense of taste and awareness truly MAKES MY FOOD TASTE BETTER.
  4. An added bonus is that through the blessing process I become more deeply satisfied with the foods that I eat, so I feel like less is needed in order to satiate my hunger on all levels including psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  I feel like this is a really important observation because I know from my own experience and from observing others, that often we eat to numb our feelings or distract ourselves from some kind of challenge, and in the process we eat more because we’re actually disassociating from our senses and our presence rather than becoming more connected.   Just the very act of becoming more connected and present with your food will totally enhance the flavours and the satisfaction level from eating. 

How to Bless Your Food:

There’s no specific right or wrong way, it’s really all about intention and feeling.  The objective is to project positive thoughts and emotions towards your food, and feel a deep sense of presence and appreciation flowing through your body.  Another way to think about it is that you want to be where you’re currently at, and not thinking about what you’re going to do later, or what happened earlier.  You want your thoughts to be totally consumed by appreciation for the food you’re about to eat. 

Some good ways to do this are to say words of appreciation out loud.  Because you’re also stimulating your auditory and kinesthetic senses, the act of speaking out loud will connect to more neuropathways in your brain than just thinking thoughts, and it will cause greater focus on what you are doing.  Since you’re activating more neuropathways in your brain, this process will also be more deeply stored in your memory which will make it easier to tune into the feeling of appreciation the next time you want to do it, because you’ll have more places in your brain where this memory can be retrieved from.  It’s not necessary to say it out loud, but if you’re in a space where you feel comfortable doing it, it’s definitely helpful. 

My blessings are always slightly different because the creative process of saying fresh words each time rather than a scripted verse, also helps me to be more focused because I’m having to bring my awareness to what exactly it is I’m appreciating in the current food that I’m eating.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, simplicity is best, what’s most important is that whatever you are saying or thinking or feeling is stimulating a deep feeling of focus and appreciation within your being. 

Here’s an example of a blessing I’ve done:

“Thank for for being so delicious and for giving my body energy and nutrition.  Thank you for allowing me to have sustenance to live in an optimal state of well being.  Thank you for nourishing my body, mind, and soul, and for making me feel so good.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

It’s different every time, but it always goes something like that! 

What’s really awesome about this is that when you consciously direct your being into a deep state of appreciation, what you’ll notice is that those negative contradictory thoughts I mentioned earlier, begin to go away.  Essentially they can’t exist when you’re in a deep state of appreciation, and when you practice this state of being more and more, those negative thoughts lose their habitual grip.  Another neat thing that begins to happen is that the choices you make will be more and more in line with the things that make you feel good, and as I mentioned above those things will be different for everyone. 

I’m looking forward to practicing blessing my food more, and feeling how this  shifts my experiences in other ways over longer periods of time.  I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this information and the process that I’ve shared here.  Do you bless your food?  Have you noticed increased feelings of appreciation towards your food when you project positivity onto the food you eat? 

With appreciation for all the ways that food nourishes our beings,

Jodi - my name


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