5 Songs From My Childhood That Always Make Me Happy When I Listen to Them

The other day I was in a particularly joyful mood, and I was inspired to dance in the living room with my husband.  I immediately had to go find Day-O on the internet so we could dance all fun-like to this awesome song.  It always makes me think of the movie Beetlejuice, which was a movie I loved as a child.  😀 

Day-O – The Banana Boat Song – Harry Belafonte

Since getting all crazy-like, dancing to the Banana Boat song, I was inspired to think of other songs I grew up listening to that make me feel awesome.  “Don’t Worry Be Happy” is definitely one.  It is just such a classic and will always make me happy!  The music video is pretty epic too!   Listening to Bobby McFerrin over and over again when I was growing up inspired me to want to be a singer. 🙂 

Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Next, how can you not love Doris Day!?!  Especially when she sings the lyrics “Everybody loves a lover, I’m a lover, everybody loves me.”  What a great affirmation!  I LOVE it!  But as a child I didn’t think about that, it just made me feel good to listen to it, and made me want to dance and sing.  😀  

Everybody Loves a Lover – Doris Day

OK, this one is a little random.  When I was a kid my family would drive 5 hours to Osoyoos, BC to visit my grandparents during the summer, and one of my favourite things to do when we got there was put on this song on my grandparents record player.  It was like a ritual.  “Yay, we’re here, now let’s listen to How Much Is That Doggie In The Window”.  It made me and my brother and sister so excited, and now when I hear it, it reminds me of some of the most magical childhood memories we spent with our grandparents.   I’m so happy that I found it on youtube.  🙂 

 How Much Is That Doggie In The Window – Patti Page

This post began with a Beetlejuice classic and will end with another Beetlejuice classic, both by Harry Belanfonte.  I feel like he is a great King of happy music.  Enjoy!

Jump in the Line – Harry Belafonte


 Now it’s your turn!  In the comments below, please share one of your favourite songs from your childhood that still makes you feel great to listen to today.  Music is such a powerful way to uplift your mood and energy, and the process of finding these songs and creating this post has made me feel terrific.  Plus it’s great to have a happy music list to come to when you are wanting to feel good.  I’d love to hear your happy songs too. 


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