The Book E2 And My Experience With The Dude Abides Principle

Hello there!  I’ve been writing a series of posts on the Book E2 by Pam Grout.  In this book there are 9 energy experiments which challenge the reader to prove the truth of certain theories about the nature of the universe.  So far I’ve posted about 7 out of 9 of these experiments.  Interestingly enough, I haven’t posted about the very first experiment yet because I was inspired to start writing when I began the second experiment.  But it was the first one that really intrigued me and set a foundation through my experience to expect awesome things to keep happening in the following experiments.  So tonight I shall post about the first principle outlined in this book and my experience with it. 

The Dude Abides Principle

The Theory:  There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.  And it’s yours for the asking. 

The Hypothesis:  If there’s a 24/7 energy force equally available to everyone, I can access it at any time simply by paying attention.  Furthermore, if I ask the force for a blessing, giving it a specific time frame and clear instuctions, it’ll send me a gift and say, “My pleasure”. 

My approach to this experiment was to first read half of this chapter.  Without finishing reading the whole thing I felt like I had clear enough instructions.  I understood that I was to look for undeniable evidence of the existence of an invisible energy force or a God force and I had 48 hours to do it.  I was open and willing to play this experiment game, and I was so keen I didn’t even wait to begin until I finished the whole chapter.

So, I did begin looking for some kind of irrefutable proof and I was ready to see it.   But as I looked around me, and I noticed everything with more curiosity, wonder, and expectation, I realized that either everything is a part of this force or nothing is.  I’ve certainly thought about this concept a whole lot before, but to play along I decided to look with fresh eyes and newfound wonder.  Still I couldn’t conjur anything specific enough that would count as irrefutable proof. 

Then after 48 hours had passed and I didn’t have any specific irrefutable proof of the existence of God (can’t help but say that with just a little bit of tongue and cheek) I read the rest of the chapter, and I found the piece I was misssing.   The missing element was more detail and specificity in what I was to look for.  I was to look for a blessing in the form of a gift that was truly unexpected, and something I wouldn’t normally receive.  Some examples given were a card or something I could receive in the mail.  “OK, this I can work with,” I thought to myself, so I gave myself another 48 hours.   At this point the timeline didn’t feel all that significant because I was just happy there was more to work with in my quest for proof. 

I finished the chapter just before going to bed, and the very next day at around noon I received an unexpected message from my friend.  She messaged me to let me know that she had just received an envelope to pass along to me, and she didn’t know what was inside.  🙂 What interesting timing! 🙂

What happened was I had offered to do numerology readings at one of our book club meetings on a donation basis.  I did them a few months ago but hadn’t had a chance to connect with everyone in person after I shared them online.  I kind of made myself difficult to connect with too because well, I just got married and I had been hybernating in our new home for a few months of blissfulness with my husband. 

At that particular moment in time when I received that message from my friend, I had forgotten all about these readings, and I definitely was not expecting any kind of gift in exchange for them.  So once I received this message I excitedly went over to pick up the envelope and I found a gorgeous card and generous donation inside.  I was so appreciative and rather in awe at the timing.  Thank you, you beautiful soul who gave me this gift with so many layers of significance.  I very much appreciate you on so many levels. 

I feel like this absolutely counts as irrefutable evidence (for myself) of the existence of an infinite field of potentiality that is just waiting to bestow gifts upon us when we are consciously looking for them, and ready and willing to receive them.  How magical is that!?!   

It was this experience that made me plunge forward with excited anticipation into the following experiments in this book.  It essentially started me out on a positive momentum cycle because my energy and belief had been raised about the positive outcomes that beheld me in the experiments to come. 

I’m happy to write about this now too, because the writing process has made me remember what a special moment that was, and I look forward to reading this post sometime in the future when I am contemplating the nature and existence of God or the field of infinite possibilites once again. 

In the comments below, I’d love to hear if you’ve done this experiment or if you’ve had any experiences like this.  These kinds of blessings and synchronicities happen all the time, and it’s so wonderful when we can connect the dots, and also hear about how these things happen to each other. 

In awe and appreciation of the universe’s unexpected blessings,




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