Book Reflections: Animal Speak

Discussions about totem animals have been saturating my reality lately.  It’s like, I think I’ve heard a lot about totem animals and then I’ll be showered with a whole new wave of animal speak.  I know I’m not the only one either, which is exciting.   I partly attribute this saturation to the way that the internet is cultivating an intuitive awakening, whereby more and more people are coming out of their intuitive closets, and finding that they are so not alone.   This is making certain topics spread like wildfire which have been lying dormant in the hearts of many, just longing to be explored.  FUN!  🙂  Totem animals are one of these topics. 

It was about two years ago when I started to explore what totem animals are.  I don’t remember how I first learned about (or remembered) their existence, but I do remember all of a sudden noticing wolves everywhere.  My friends I was hanging out with also happened to be seeing wolves everywhere.  I don’t mean that we actually saw wolves in the flesh, but we saw pictures of wolves and images or references to wolves. 

Around this same point in time I was taking an intuitive development course where I was given the assignment to meet one of my spirit guides.   I mentioned that I had been seeing lots of wolves, and then I was encouraged to learn more about the meaning of the wolf, because animals can be spirit guides.  Right away I searched online for a book about totem animals and I found Animal Speak.  I hadn’t heard about it before, but it had really good reviews so I got it.  

I was so excited to dive into reading about the wolf, and learning more about totem animals in general.  I found a huge wealth of information in this book.  The beginning goes into depth about the spiritual and magical roles of nature, and how to awaken to your animal totems.  I found all of this information to be very valuable indeed.  I use the bulk of this book as a reference guide to refer to when I want to learn more about a particular animal. 

When an animal stands out to me during a certain period of time, I will consult this book to feel its meaning and the messages it is conveying to me.  For example, two animals recently stood out to me.  In February I saw about three raccoons in the flesh.  Considering I hadn’t seen a raccoon in years, seeing three within a week or so, definitely felt significant. 

The other example happened when I was driving to work one day and I saw the weirdest looking animal standing still in a big grass field.  It looked so out of place, and I thought to  myself, “What the heck is that?”.  It occurred to me to search for an image of a coyote on the internet, and I found a picture of a black coyote that looked just like it.  In general I don’t think coyotes are weird looking, but this one in particular, on this day, just totally stood out to me.  I believe that when totem animals have messages for us they know how to get our attention, so I felt that the raccoon, and coyote were definitely speaking to me. 

Because of the way these two animals made me take notice of them, I looked up their meanings in Animal Speak.  I absolutely resonated with their general meanings and found that I was going through experiences that embodied their messages.  I received insight from reading about them, and also felt inspired to play with different kinds of energies to achieve the things I was desirous of at that time. 

The keywords for raccoon are dexterity and disguise.  Here is an excerpt from the section that discusses the raccoon, that was significant for me. 

 “It is an expert at disguise and secrecy.  It knows how to wear masks for a variety of purposes.  It can teach you how to mask and disguise and transform yourself.  Each must develop the relationship with the raccoon in their own unique way, but raccoon medicine can teach you how to become dexterous in the mask you wear.  It can show you how to wear a healing mask or show you the face you shall become.  The raccoon holds the knowledge of how to change our faces.”

When I saw these raccoons in my life, I was thinking about transitioning into a new way of working and showing up in the world.  I found the concept of treating my transition as though I was wearing a mask and playing a new role, to be helpful in my process.  Also, I noticed that when you are going through a transition it can be important to sometimes to be rather quiet and even secretive about it to a degree, because not everyone will support your transition.  Until you feel confident about where you’re going or what you’re doing, it’s sometimes best to keep it to yourself and those who you know will support your transition.  I appreciate the raccoon for inspiring these reflections. 

The keywords for coyote are wisdom and folly.  Here is an excerpt from the section that discusses the coyote, that was particularly significant to me. 

“In the tarot deck it is The Fool card.  This card is good for anyone with a coyote totem to meditate upon.  Its energies are tied to simplicity and trust.  It is the card for developing poise in the chaos of life.  It stimulates and renews innocence, and it reawakens a childlike wisdom in response to the world.  It is the card that reminds us that true teachers of wisdom have a wonderful sense of humor.  Through the coyote, we learn to become again as little children with a reawakening of the intellect creativity, the artistic mind and all the intuitive faculties.” 

Interestingly, this coyote message played off the meaning of the raccoon in a really synergistic way.  While the raccoon is about wearing masks, the new mask that I was wanting to play with more was a mask full of lighthearted silliness that conveys wisdom through ridiculousness.  I had been feeling very serious, and at that time I was ready to let out my creative, playful, childlike fool, who generally feels a lot wiser than my serious archetypes 🙂 

I’m happy to be writing about this now, because I feel like these are sill relevant to me and the process of writing about them inspires greater reflection. 

If you’re wanting to meet your animal totems or play with the meanings of certain animals that show up in your life, I definitely recommend getting this book.  It is an amazing resource to have on hand. 

I haven’t gotten them yet, but these power animal oracle cards are on my wishlist to use for fun, in conjunction with the book. 

 What animals are showing up for you right now?  Or, what animals seem to keep showing up lots in your life that you feel called to learn more about?  I’d love to know what your experiences with animal totems have been like. 

With love and appreciation for our animal friends,

Jodi - my name


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  1. Hi Jodi! What an awesome post! I definitely pay attention to the animals coming into my awareness! I’m going to check this book out – it looks like a good one and I’m always looking up my totem animals. It’ll be nice to have a book to refer to 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

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