The Book E2 And My Experience With The Jenny Craig Principle

Experiment #7 from the book E2 by Pam Grout

This Experiment is called The Jenny Craig Principle

I finished reading this experiment last Sunday night on Feb. 1. It came at a really good time in my life, and I appreciate where it sits in the sequence of experiments in this book.  

The theory behind the Jenny Craig Principle: Your thoughts and consciousness provide the scaffolding for your physical body.  

The Hypothesis: If my thoughts and consciousness are in a continuous dance with my environment, the food I eat can’t help but be affected by my thoughts.  By changing what I think about and say to my food, I will be healthier, and for the sake of this experiment, lose at least one pound.   

What Pam Grout is saying in this chapter is that the nutritional value of our food is not set in stone as is implied by the nutritional labels on the foods we purchase, but instead the nutritional value of our food is largely determined by our beliefs about it, and what we say about it.  She says that by changing what we believe about our food, then we can change the nutritional quality of our food, and change how it affects our bodies.  By changing how it affects our bodies, we can essentially program our food in a way that allows us to lose weight through our mere shift in perception. 

I have to write a big premise to my experience with this chapter because I have a significant history with this principle which has painted the way I have received this experiment. 

 Here is a summary of that history. 

I’ve gone up and down in my weight several times throughout my life.  I was a very athletic and fit teenager and I played a lot of competitive sports, but after Highschool I began to gain weight.  I experienced a lot of yo-yo dieting and I learned a lot about people’s nutritional opinions in hopes that applying the best kind of diet would improve my situation.  I’ve felt all kinds of negative emotions about my body to extreme intensities.  But one experience in my life started to change all of this frustration and struggle.

I had open heart surgery.  This completely changed my life and my outlook on my body.  Through this experience I began seeing my body as the absolutely incredible vessel that it is.  I also began reading books such as Heal Your Body by Louise Hay, and watching lots of youtube videos with Abraham-Hicks.  I heard them speak about the power of our thoughts in healing our bodies.  I also became aware of Bruce Lipton and how he talks about how our cells respond to our perception and our beliefs. 

Here’s a little story … perhaps a bit graphic but it’s a significant thing that I remember while my consciousness was shifting.  I had a cut down the center of my chest from the surgery I went through, and one of the stitches at the top had broken so there was a small hole at the top of the cut.  Over the course of a few weeks, this hole completely healed and closed up with skin.  I remember thinking how incredible it was that this skin had to literally manifest out of nowhere in order to close up this wound.  How could this happen?  Where did that skin come from?  Well somehow the cells in my body knew that that’s what they were supposed to do.  They knew that I was supposed to have that area closed up, because it was in their blueprint. 

When I had my surgery I was around 50 lbs heavier than I wanted to be.  When I realized how my body could shift and transform based on the programming that existed within my cells I realized that I could shift my thoughts and change the way I saw myself, and my body would then respond to this reprogramming.  Because of the extreme circumstance I had just gone through and because of the strong desire I had, my focus to successfully reprogram my mind was both very intense and very deep.  I allowed this focus to dominant my entire being.  

I also realized the power of appreciating my food and I got over feeling guilty or restrictive with what I ate.  I used my focus to eat foods that FELT and TASTED completely nourishing and delicious.  I perceived everything I ate as both a source of fuel and pleasure.  I realized that joy was a big factor in reprogramming my mind because any negative emotion I felt was an indication that my thoughts were not in alignment with my desire.   I didn’t consciously change what I ate in order to be healthy, as if there was some kind of healthy standard that was right for me that I had to search for.  Instead I just decided that everything I chose to eat would be healthy.  In effect, I programmed my food with my thoughts as is described in this chapter.  I have to emphasize though, that one of the reasons that I could very successfully apply this principle at this point in time was because of the extreme intensity of my desire and focus, and also because through my experience I came to a space of KNOWING that I could program my body and my food.  This knowing was achieved through the depth of my focus, and I learned that ‘knowing’ is essentially a state of being. 

Another thing that occurred at this time, was that I became ridiculously appreciative that I could move my body.  For awhile I couldn’t stand up or hold things or put pressure on my chest in any way without experiencing a lot of pain.  So when the pain started to decrease and I was able to walk and do everything normally again, I did not take this for granted.  Walking up and down the hall of the apartment where I lived became both a great joy and a great accomplishment. 

My goals for movement (ex. walking up and down the hallway) were really small, but achieving them was also way more satisfying than anything I had ever felt before.  With small goals combined with an immense sense of satisfaction for achieving them, I propelled forward in a very exciting success momentum cycle that increased my movement more and more.  I started walking outside, and every day I’d make a small goal to just go a little further.  Then when I was almost completely back to normal (even though I was very different at the same time consciousness-wise) I started to dance from the sheer joy of being alive and being able to move my body.  I danced and danced and worked up a sweat very frequently.  In no way did I track my activity, because it was just so pleasurable that it didn’t even occur to me to do so, so I don’t remember how often I danced.  Perhaps once or twice a day. 

With all of these factors in place I ended up losing about 50 lbs or so in months, maybe like 6 months, I actually don’t remember.  

I kept this weight off for about two years until a series of events, and one event in particular, triggered a shift in my relationship with food and my body once again.  Since this shift, I went on a slow momentum cycle of gaining weight.  I won’t go into the specifics of the triggers and events in this post; I plan to write about these at some point in my life because there’s lots of gold to be found through analyzing those, but right now I’ll say that I am actually very grateful for this contrasting experience because it has helped me to have a lot more clarity on what worked for me and what didn’t.  In the process of gaining weight I have become very clear on what doesn’t work, and reading this chapter has been a great way for me to remember just what did work. 

So with all of that laid out, here is how I approached this experiment:

I was asked in this experiment to weigh myself on the first morning and then weigh myself three days later to see if I had achieved losing one pound.  I decided not to weigh myself and just feel how my clothes fit instead. 

I was given the task of letting go of any negative thoughts I had about food, and I can say that I feel like I quite successfully accomplished this.

One interesting effect of this goal was that I was inspired to move my body again, and three nights this week I joyfully jumped on my rebounder while listening to awesome music.  It in no way felt like a chore, but instead felt very enjoyable! 

Right now, what I feel is that there is just SO MUCH MORE to this experiment and to the process of successful weight loss.  When I initially lost weight through shifting my thinking I THOUGHT that I didn’t change what I ate, and I THOUGHT that I didn’t exercise.  But in truth – and what became clear to me when I started to gain weight – is that I actually did change what I ate, and I did move my body more, it just did not feel like I did because it was a natural consequence of my shifted state of being.  In other words, I wasn’t focusing on changing my food, instead I was focusing on feeling good, and through my good feelings I made different food choices.  Not a whole lot different, but still different enough to mention. 

BUT, after my energy had shifted again towards my body, when I tried to replicate the eating and movement behaviours that I had when I successfully lost weight, it was NOT effective when my vibration and beliefs were not in alignment with my goals.  The activity was not fun, and it felt like a struggle, whereas before when I was in alignment with this goal you couldn’t stop me from dancing, or from eating nourishing foods (foods I nourished with my thoughts) and loving them with every ounce of my being because it was SO enjoyable. 

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about weight loss is that neither thoughts, nor activity alone will produce profound and successful results.  When in total alignment with the goal of weight loss your thoughts and activities will work in total congruence with one another.  A shift in consciousness by changing your beliefs and vibrational output towards your body and food is the most powerful way to initiate the process of effortless weight loss.  And when I say effortless I don’t mean without activity, but rather I mean that the activity you choose to do is fun and enjoyable and is something you very much desire to do.   In fact when in alignment with weight loss it feels uncomfortable not to move your body, just as it is a struggle for a child to stay in bed on Christmas morning when he or she knows that by running out to their living room they will be rewarded with gifts.  You just can’t wait to MOVE.   

To wrap up this post I will say that I completely vouch for this experiment!  I believe that it is absolutely true that we affect the food we eat through our beliefs about it.  I also feel though, that in regards to successful long term sustainable weight loss, how we perceive our food is just one piece of a complex puzzle.   Through doing this experiment and sharing my thoughts and experiences I’m inspired to put more and more pieces of this puzzle together.  

Oh, and I have no idea if I lost 1 pound or not.  It feels irrelevant at this point!  Tuning into the energy of joyfulness and appreciation towards my body and the food I eat feels far more significant right now. 

I’d love to hear from others who have done this experiment.  While I can see that the weight loss industry is still disproportionately focused on activity, I know lots and lots of people are tuning into the power of thoughts and feelings as being huge catalysts in effortless weight loss.  Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.  Can you relate to what I’ve described? 

Cheers to joyful eating and organic movement,






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