The Book E2 And My Experience With The 101 Dalmations Principle

Experiment #8 from the book E2 by Pam Grout

This experiment is called The 101 Dalmations Principle.

The Theory:  You are connected to everything and everyone else in the universe.

Here are the instructions outlined in the book to prove this theory to yourself:

The Hypothesis:  If during the next two days, I telepathically send a specific message to a specific person, I will get evidence that he or she received it. 

A summary of the steps to take:
1) Choose a person
2) Choose what action or response you want and the more specific the better.
3) Place your target in front of your mind’s eye.
4) Engage all of your senses in relaying the message, and believe in your message. 

First I’ll expand on what this chapter is about. 

In this chapter Pam Grout explains how everything is connected and how we influence everything and are influenced by everything in the universe.  She explains the terms nonlocality and entanglement and how these concepts relate to our connectedness. 

nonlocality: To give a brief and general definition, nonlocality is a quantum physics term used to describe how two particles behave synchronously with no intermediary. 

entanglement: I will quote this directly from this chapter “…one object, without being anywhere near a second object, can influence the second object … once an atom has been in the proximity of another atom, it will be influenced (or entangled) by that atom no matter how far away it travels. … once the atoms have interacted, they’re entangled forever”. 

In other words we influence atoms and are influenced by atoms without having direct or intentional communication, and without being in the same place.  That is, my thoughts right now are influencing someone all the way across the world without us communicating or even being aware of this influence, and I am being influenced by all kinds of thoughts from other places without direct contact with those places (no intermediary). 

This is one of my favourite concepts to contemplate for so many reasons.  One reason in particular is that I’ve often felt that I want to have a positive influence on the world or on other people, and with this theory in mind, having a positive influence is actually as simple as just living a joyful and happy life yourself and projecting that possibility into the ether, while also tuning into others who are doing the same thing.  When you thrive others have access to that energy and information by picking up those vibes in the field of potentiality.  To me this devalidates the notion that in order to help others we should sacrifice and put our own needs and desires aside.  Really the most helpful thing we can do is project abundance and live and dwell in abundance so that this energy becomes more and more dominant in the field of potentiality and more and more people start to pick up on this, and adopt this energy and mentality for themselves. 

Some other things I really liked about this chapter …

Pam Grout explains how you can deliberately use love to brighten up the world, and how since we are all connected, sending love has a direct positive impact on your own life.  Here are two quotes from this chapter I very much appreciate:

“You can literally uplift your world by lasering love, blessings, peace, and other high-frequency emotions to the people in your life.”

“And every time we judge or think anything less than charitable about anyone, we cricify ourselves.  We inflict self-pain.”

Onto the results of my experiment (Lab Report): 

I chose my husband as a person to send a telepathic message to.  I asked him to please bring home lasagna for dinner.  He called on his way home that day and asked if I wanted him to bring anything home.  I said that if I told him it might ruin the experiment, and I asked him to guess.  He didn’t guess so I just told him that I was trying to telepathically get him to bring home lasagna for supper.  He didn’t want to do that but he offered to take me out for dinner.

So … that didn’t work. lol

I feel like trying to get a specific person to do a specific thing is only effective if that person wants to do that thing.  The same rules apply for telepathic or direct communication, which are that everyone has free will and you can’t make anyone do anything they don’t agree to.  

Now beyond this experiment I’m aware of synchronistic stuff happening ALL THE TIME.  Determining the degree to which we can control these things is the challenge. 

Here are a few synchronistic things I’ve been aware of that have happened to me in the past few days. 

1) Yesterday, when thinking about a person to include in this experiment I thought about my sister before I decided upon my husband.  She called me a few hours later.  When she called I was just making myself some popcorn with ghee.  I told her what I was making, and she said that she was also just going to make herself some popcorn with ghee.  NEAT!

2) I have been thinking about a certain phrase A LOT over the past week.  I was going to put it in the footer of this blog.  The quote is “Find your passion, find your purpose”.  Two nights ago my husband walked up to me all excited about something he found.  He showed me this piece of paper he took out of a flyer with the quote “Find your passion, find your purpose” on it.  I didn’t tell him I was thinking about that before.  He showed it to me because those words spoke to him and inspired him.  Well obviously they inspired me too.  I would say this is the effect of entanglement. 

3)  Today, my husband just showed me how he is charging something he’s making with a solar panel.  Right afterwards I watched an episode of Dr. Who and solar panels were mentioned. 

This is what Pam Grout wrote about synchronicities:  “A synchronicity … is nothing but experimental proof of the interconnectedness of all things.”

I agree, and I think this relates very much to the Volkswagen Jetta Principle which is the second experiment in this book.  In the Volkswagen Jetta principle basically what you think about and focus on starts popping up more and more in your reality. 

Just realizing synchronicities happen all the time is cool, but I think that tapping into this power and using it on purpose is even more fun.  I appreciate this experiment but I think that being less specific may be more effective when taking into account that you can’t get a specific person to do a specific thing that they don’t want to do.  If you want a specific thing, it’s probably best to be more general in the vehicle for delivery than by focusing on one specific person.  And if you want to communicate with a specific person, then it’s probably more effective to be more general with the message or the action that you would like them to take. 

One thing I am very much inspired to do is to send lots of blessings to people just randomly but totally intentionally.  Not only will it feel great because I’ll be emitting love, and that always feels good, but it will be interesting to see what happens as a result of this, just for fun, without wanting anything specific from anyone specific in return.   Sending random blessings will be my next experiment.  πŸ™‚ 

I’d love to hear from others who have read this chapter and tried this experiment.  Also, if you read this whole post and are inspired to contribute to the dialogue I’d love to hear what you have to say. 

In appreciation of our connectedness and of all of those synchronicites that keep showing up more and more, 





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