Book Club Meeting For E2 And News Of Our Upcoming Meeting

Today we had our book club meeting to discuss the book E squared by Pam Grout.

It was an awesome meeting and a beautiful day.  Lots of new cognitions and insights were shared and everyone embraced the platform to share what we got out of the principles discussed in this book. 

We were all generally in agreement that we got a lot out of this book and we found the experiments useful because we were able to learn more about the principles through our own experiences.  It was also empowering to hear about how other people had success or felt challenged with certain principles, and we were able to raise each others belief levels through sharing our successes and also support each other with words of encourgagement. 

I very much love this book club because it revolves around self empowerment and intuition, and discussing the books we read is a journey in self discovery. 

Another one of the really fun parts about our book club meetings is the food that everyone brings. 

Here’s a picture of the spread we had for today. 


 The book we chose for our next reading is Defy Gravity by Caroline Myss.  Our next meeting to discuss this book will be on March 22. 


If anyone would like to read along with us and have ongoing discussions about this book through our facebook group, you can request to join our group through this link.

Peace out and happy reading my friends,



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