The Book E2 and My Experience with The Volkwagen Jetta Principle

Hey there!  Tonight I’m inspired to write about my experimentation with the second principle described in the book E2 by Pam Grout

First though, I’ll explain why I’m currently reading this book, because I find it neat to take note of how books come into your life.  I’m a part of a book club here in Maple Ridge, BC and we’ve been meeting regularly for close to a year now.  We meet about once every six weeks and each meeting we discuss a different book about spirituality, intuition, or other things of that nature.  At the end of the meeting everyone chooses a book for the next meeting and puts their choice on a piece of paper and then into a bowl.  A book is then chosen at random for the next meeting.  E2 is the book that was chosen for our next meeting in February.  

It always feels that the books that are chosen are fitting for whatever’s going on in my life, and this book is no exception.  Also, everyone that attends our meetings gets different things out of the books we discuss, and it feels rewarding to be able to hear different perspectives on the same material. 

One thing I’ve been doing with our books though, is leaving them until near the last minute to read, and I’ve wanted to change that habit.  I’ve also wanted to spend more time reflecting on the material we’re reading to get the most out of each book.  E2 is a great book to help achieve both of these intentions because it is broken up into 9 experiments that are meant to be done to prove certain energetic theories about the nature of the universe.  The practical nature of these experiements makes me excited to read and practice them, and to glean my own insight through my experiences. 

So, going back to the second principle in E2 called the Volkswagen Jetta Principle, this is where I got to so far in the book, and what I just finished ‘proving’ to myself! šŸ™‚  The theory behind this principle that the reader is encouraged to prove is that “you impact the field (or Universe or Multiverse or whatever you want to call it) and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations”.  In other words, through your thoughts and your expectations, you attract or create or observe different things into your reality. 

The task that is set forth in order to test this principle is to think about specific things and then look for them to show up in your reality within a certain time frame.  The suggestion given in this book is to look for sunset-beige cars and butterflies and set a time frame of 48 hours in which to expect to see them; on the first day expect to see sunset-beige cars, and on the second day look for butterflies. 

There’s a Lab Report at the end of each principle where you can write down your findings, but there’s not much room on the Lab Report and I’m inspired to share so I will write down my findings here. šŸ˜€ 

I finished reading this principle on January 18th at 10:43pm.  That meant the next day I was to look for sunset-beige cars, and the day after that I was to look for butterflies.  Well the thing is, in my mind, I didn’t really believe those things were very likely to find.  I mean, I thought that a sunset-beige car was very rare, I couldn’t recall seeing any anywhere.  I even had to do a google search to see what that colour looked like.  And as for butterflies, well I really didn’t think I would see any butterflies in the middle of Winter, that was very unlikely. 

I will note that there was an option to choose anything you wanted to look for, like green cars, purple feathers, or anything really, but since I was rather skeptical about sunset-beige cars and butterflies, I thought this would be a good challenge. 

BUT since I was skeptical I didn’t see anything unusual popping out at me the next day.  I may have seen one or two sunset-beige cars, but nothing really noteworthy.  And the next day, I did not see any butterflies.  So I was not successful with this experiement within the 48 hour timeline that was set forth in the book. 

THEN after the 48 hours went by, well I started noticing more sunset-beige cars.  I saw one, and then two, and then three when I was driving to the bank, and OH in that big parking lot I was in there were like 4 to 6.  As I drove around that day, back from the bank, and then home from work later on I started seeing more and more sunset-beige cars and all of the sudden it seemed like this was the most popular colour of car in my reality.  Interesting …

THEN … OK … this one has me shaking my head at myself … when I got to work the next day, I noticed something rather absurd.  The car that I parked in front of, the same car that I park in front of everyday, is SUNSET-BEIGE.  I just had not noticed it before because I was not looking for it, and even when I was first presented with this task of looking for a sunset-beige car, this car I see every day I go to work, did not come into my mind.  Very interesting …

As for the butterflies!  As I’m writing this now, I don’t recall how the timeline worked for the butterflies.  It was definitely after the 48 hour period; I think it was on the third and fourth day after I read this task.  First, I saw a butterfly image show up on an advertisement on skype.  That was when the butterfly made its first appearance … and I took notice. 

THEN, the day after that, I saw the same butterfly image on skype except that this time it was moving (it was not moving the day before) as if to say “Hey look at me, I’m here again, pay attention to me”.  Pay attention I did!  Ok, and here’s where things get fun.  I was browsing the internet, totally not thinking about the butterfly thing, and then I was drawn to look at this gardening blog.  I scrolled down the page and lo and behold, there was this beautiful image of a butterfly.  Hello! 

Then I was browsing facebook, and I was looking at someone’s timeline and they had uploaded a photo of themselves with nothing other than a butterfly on their head.  Hello again! 

Here’s a bonus thing that happened in this experiment, something to add to the equation if you will.  Deer!  Yes deer!  I have been thinking about deer a lot, and I posted a video of deer on my facebook profile that a facebook friend of mine had shared.  The day after I posted this video, I saw about 10 deer while I was driving home from work.  I was extremely excited about this because not only did this totally fit with the Volkswagon Jetta experiment, but I also felt like the deer were giving me a message as spirit animal guides, but alas that’s another topic. 

My conclusion from this experiment is that yes absolutely we attract things into our lives with our focus and expectation.  I’ve been experimenting with this concept for many years in fact, so this is not new to me; however sometimes it’s easy to get jaded about a certain idea that happens to be totally mind blowing, so I’m really glad that through this experiment my perspective has been refreshed as to the power of my own thoughts and focus. 

In regards to a timeline I’d say that this needs further analysis beyond the scope of this post.  I’ll say briefly that this timeline at first seems like it was not effective because I did not see sunset-beige cars or butterflies within 48 hours, but in some ways having a timeline may have been effective because it got me to look for these things immediately rather than putting the task off for later.  The reason this worked after the 48 hour timeline I believe is because I completely lost any doubt I had or an expectation that it would not work, and I was just playing with my thoughts for fun. 

So there you have it!  That’s my experience thus far with this Volkswagon Jetta principle. 

Now, if you have had experiences similar to this where you think about something and then start seeing it everywhere, I would love to hear about it!  In fact, I would be really surprised if this hasn’t happened to you.  I feel like this happens to everyone all the time, it’s just really exciting when we start to become aware of it, and consciously use it to our advantage.  Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. 

That’s all for now, peace out my friends! 





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