The Book E2 and my Experience with The Alby Einstein Principle

Two days ago I posted about the book E2 by Pam Grout.  I wrote about why I’m currently reading and experimenting with it, and what my experience was like with the the second principle described in the book called The Volkswagen Jetta Principle.  Here is that post. 

I wrote that the book E2 is a book I’m reading as part of a book club I’m in, and it has nine principles which are meant to prove certain theories about the nature of reality, and how our thoughts and emotions influence the field

Since, my last post I have experimented with the third principle in this book called The Alby Einstein Principle.  I have to say that writing about my experience and sharing it, rather than just keeping it to myself, inspired me to go right onto the next principle and practice it right away.  This  energy experiment is easier than the last one in a way because it doesn’t require 48 hours, and I was able to do it in one afternoon, but it did require a little bit of craftiness. 

The theory behind the Alby Einstein Principle is that …

“You are a field of energy in an even bigger field of energy”

In this chapter, Pam Grout explains how everything is made of energy and she gets into some information on quantum physics about mass and energy and Einstein’s equation E = mc squared.  She also shares some real life stories of how her thoughts, and the thoughts of others have shaped their realities in ways that defy common reasoning and break boundaries and expectations.  Some of these stories include manifesting going on vacations in seemingly unrealistic time frames and manifesting gifts out of nowhere like flowers and food.  It’s definitely exciting to read this anecdotal evidence, because it helps to show how knowing about this information can have a direct impact and benefit in our lives.  I love reading about people’s experiences of deliberately creating things in their lives because it raises my belief level about what I’m capable of and what we’re all capable of. 

To get back to the experiment, the Alby Einstein task that is meant to ‘prove’ this theory to be true is described as follows:

“Get two wire coat hangers … untwist the neck of each hanger until you’ve got just two straight wires … shape them into an L, about 12 inches long for the main part and 5 inches for the handle.  Cut a plastic straw in half … slide the handle that you just bent inside the straws … and bend the bottom of the hanger to hold the straw in place”. 

The reason for using these wands is that once they are constructed you are to hold them in front of you and observe how they will then move according to what you are thinking about and how you are feeling.   When you think of something unpleasant they will point inward, tip to tip.  And when you think of something that feels good your energy expands and the wands will point outward. 

I was a little bit confused from these instructions as to how to create the wands so I consulted the internet for clarification as I so often do when I’m looking for answers.  I found this video that shows what the coat hangers are supposed to look like and how the experiment works.  E Squared “They Alby Einstein Principal” demonstrated by Leslie Draper.

I found that video helpful because I was able to see what these coat hangers are supposed to look like.   As I untwisted the coat hangers, though, I found that they had way more wire to them than 12 inches long, and 5 inches for the handle, so I took some plyers and measuring tape and I cup the handle and main part so that they were the measurements described in the book.  (Actually my husband cut them for me because it was really tough to cut through that wire.  Thanks Bart! πŸ™‚ )  Then I cut a straw in half and put these halves onto the handles so that when I held these wands I did not touch the wire. 


Once I had the straws on the handles and my L shaped hangers all ready to go, I sat down, held them out in front of me and started to experiment with my feelings.

I want to mention that, doing this reminded me of things I’ve done before like muscle testing, and playing with a pendulum.  With the other experiments I’ve done, as a beginner practicing them, I found them to be challenging to get accurate results.  I feel like these methods can be effective but it requires lots of practice to really get a good feel for them, or at least that was my experience. 

So, as I started playing with these ‘wands’ I was ready if this was not 100% clear right away.  What I found though, is that the hangers did very accurately move according to my thoughts and feelings right away.  Switching between emotions took some focus and commitment, but as I shifted what I was thinking about and feeling, I could clearly see the shift in these wands. 

When I thought about a positive experience the wands expanded outward, but not only that, I also started to become aware of my energy field expanding. 

When I thought about something negative the wands turned inward, and I could also feel my energy field closing, almost as if to protect itself or something. 

While I’m not done playing with these wands, as a conclusion to this post I will say that this was a fun way to test how my energy field is not only real, but how it contracts and expands according to my emotions.  I became more sensitive to the fact that I am made of energy and that energy is shaped by my thoughts and feelings.   Being able to ‘prove’ this with a hands on experiment that is really simple to do, was awesome and adds so much value to this theoretical concept because we are really able to learn the most through our own experiences. 

I will also say that I want to play with these wands more because I feel like they can be an effective method to test my feelings towards certain subjects and see if I can adjust my thoughts in order to create better feelings in areas where I wish to transmute negative emotions into positive ones.  I also feel that with more practice I can continue to increase my sensitivity and awareness of my own energy field, which I wish to do because increased self-awareness is always empowering. 

I’d love to hear from others who have done this experiment, and what your findings were.  Also, I’m interested in learning about other similar methods to test your energy field like muscle testing etc. so if anyone feels inspired to share their knowledge please feel free to share in the comments, I’d love to hear it. 

Looking forward to the next experiment.  πŸ™‚

Cheers to feeling good,



3 thoughts on “The Book E2 and my Experience with The Alby Einstein Principle

  1. Without telling her the purpose of the experiment last week or any expected outcome, I asked my wife to hold the ‘wands’ and listen to my instructions regarding a negative memory/emotion, a positive memory/emotion, and putting her attention to the left and to the right. When the wands moved as , she was understandably freaked out. When I explained what the experiment was about, she thought it was very interesting and quite cool, but later we were discussing it and she wondered if somehow she was moving her hands without knowing it to create the movement. Nahhh, that can’t be, I said, you’re a field of energy! But it got me to thinking, and I discovered that I could indeed tilt my hands ever so slightly, barely perceptible to even my own eyes, and cause the wands to move. That bummed me out, so I made a contraption that would hold the wands without me touching them. I placed the contraption on the table before me and got as close as I could, even placing my hands around the thing so that my energy would radiate. Guess what? Nothing happened. I’m going to try again when I have more time, but should the results be the same, I’ll have to re-think the purpose of the experiment. Thoughts?

    1. Hey Phillip! This is really interesting, thanks for sharing your experiences with the wands. I find it fascinating that the wands moved for your wife when she didn’t know the purpose of the experiment, and it sounds like they moved in the ‘accurate’ directions for positive and negative emotions? If yes, that suggests to me that she was not controling the outcome with her expectation, and if she was indeed moving them with her hands, what are the odds that she would move them to point in the directions that were described in accordance with the purpose of this experiment? I think that’s a great idea to try this experiment with someone who doesn’t know what the purpose of it is or which way the wands are supposed to go. I don’t know what to make of the contraption that you describe. That also sounds like a great idea. I think it’s noteworthy that sometimes doubt and skepticism have the power to prevent accurate results too, because just like our hands may move slightly when we’re expecting to see the wands move, our emotions may remain neutral or guarded if we are expecting nothing to happen. Lots of factors to consider here. I’m going to keep experimenting with these wands too. Thanks for bringing up these observations.

  2. Maybe when we are happy our hands naturally open, causing Wanda to spread apart, when we are sad our hands clenchbinward, causing Wanda to point onward, when we look at a person our hands tip toward them causing Wanda to tilt toward them.
    I think this does prove that our thoughts effect us unconsciously and positive thoughts control our bodies in ways we are not aware of. But this experiment does not exactly measure the energy waves radiating from a person, as it is said to do. That’s my theory.

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