The Book E2 and my Experience with the Abracadabra Principle

I’m feeling really excited to talk about the Abracadabra Principle today and my experiment with it.  I feel like this excitement is due to a momentum that I’m building from going through these experiments in the book E2 in quick succession and then sharing my findings.    I am finding that through this process I’m making some clear discernment about what’s effective in these principles and what can use some tweaking.  This discernment is extremely useful, because it gives me more clarity on how I may continuously and effectively apply these principles in my life.  I would say that there’s a broader experiment that’s going on here too which is the experiment of experimenting, and this broader experiment is invaluable.   

Now onto the Abracadabra Principle

Theory:  Whatever you focus on expands. 

This chapter is about manifesting physical things into our reality.  There are many excellent points that are discussed about how to accomplish this through our focus.  Pam Grout also explains what prevents this from working which are mainly contradictory beliefs.  I got a lot out of this experiment so I’m going to go right to the Lab Report. 

Lab Report:

I read this chapter straight through without stopping as I was riveted by it completely.  Every page got more interesting than the last, and I was nodding my head in agreement with all the points and insights that were explained. 

Since this chapter focuses on attracting material things, I was given the task of attracting something material into my life in 48 hours.  The same morning before I read this chapter I was thinking about getting some new clothes.  My intention that I put forth that morning in my imagination was that I wanted to have a more feminine, creative, bold style and sense of self-expression.  I didn’t do anything about it though, I just thought about it.  Then when I read this task I realized that more was required of me.  I had to make a decision about a specific thing that I wanted.  So I wrote down that I wanted a flowy, v-neck, empire waist black shirt with flowers of some kind on it and I wanted to get it within 48 hours. 

I felt great about making this decision.  If I had not read this task it is likely I would not have invested my time that evening on specifying exactly what I was looking for.  Inspired by this clarity and guided by an intuitive hit I immediately went to the Le Chateau website to do some dream building, and see if I could find something that matched the description I had decided upon. 

Within probably about 5 minutes of setting this intention I found a shirt that fit the description I was talking about but that was more lovely than what I had in mind.  AND it just happened to be on sale for 58% off. 

“Should I buy it”, I thought to myself.  It flickered in my mind that perhaps it would not count if I bought it because the way I felt like this experiment was described in the book is that you don’t have to DO anything to attract this thing you desire, but rather this thing will just come to you.  Hesitant but more sure than not, I decided that I would go ahead and buy it, because it was nicely discounted and it was exactly what I had decided I wanted.  I was very excited and I danced around the house because of the sequence of events that led to that decision. 

Now … here’s a fascinating element that occurred. 

The next day after buying this shirt, I checked my email to see if if I got some kind of confirmation or to see if it had been shipped.  Well funnily enough, there was nothing in my email, no confirmation or anything.  I was confused and was second guessing myself.  I had purchased it had I not?  Yes, I did, I was so excited about it, how could I not have?  Well after some confusion I went back to check the computer where I had purchased it (or so I thought), and I had luckily left the screen open where I thought the confirmation was that popped up on the website right after I had placed my order.   But instead of any kind of confirmation on the screen, there was a message saying something like ‘error, nothing in cart’.  What!?! 

Hm, what was that about?  I didn’t know what to make of it for the rest of the day.  So 24 hours passed, and then the next day came.  I thought that perhaps this 48 hour thing wasn’t going to work out.  But then, at lunch time I thought what the heck, I’m just going to purchase it again (well not again really, just purchase it once that is, because it didn’t work the first time).  I know that it didn’t work out before because I had some doubt and was second guessing myself so there was a glitch in the universe asking me to affirm that I was sure that I wanted this.  And so I decided that I was sure.  I bought it, got a confirmation email, and an email that it had been shipped, all within the 48 hour timeline. 

So … what do I make of all of this? 

Well the question is, if you’re intending to manifest something, does it count if you just buy it? 

My answer that I’ve come to through this experience is that YES, it definitely still counts. 

Here’s the thing though, sometimes things do come into our lives without us doing anything.  I have lots of examples of this, but one that’s particularly very clear and memorable.  One night I was talking to my brother about health in general and he was telling me about how it would be a good idea for me to take some calcium and magnesium.  I had no resistance to this idea, and thought sure why not, but I didn’t really care either way.  That is, I didn’t really have any feelings invested in getting it or not getting it, it was just like, sure OK cool.  Well the next day at work a coworker said to me, “Hey do you want this bottle of pills I have that are a combination of calcium and magnesium.  They’re too big for me to swallow”.  With a sense of recognition and realization of the synchronicity of this experience I said “Yes indeed I will take those, thank you very much”.  That manifestation occurred within less than 24 hours, but if it took three years it wouldn’t have made much difference to me either way.

So why do things sometimes come to us without us doing anything, and other times they require our action, and financial investment? 


As this chapter explains and as I outlined in my own experience, a lot of the time when we want something we have contradictory beliefs about it.  We have thoughts that pull us in opposing directions so things don’t automatically come to us.  I questioned whether buying something ‘counted’ based on how this task was outlined in the book, so that questioning was my doubt which resulted in some odd unaccountable website error. 

Here’s what I got out of this.  Action is a way to override doubt; it is a way to say yes to something despite the fear or doubt that exists in your mind. This is one way to look at it, yet I’d say that it is only effective when there is still a dominant amount of belief.  If there is an overwhelming amount of doubt though, then no amount of action is going to make up for that.  When there’s too much doubt combined with fierce effort, the result will be a quagmire of frustration which is no fun at all.   

Also, when we’re lined up with the things we want and we take action to bring these things into our lives (even if we still have a bit of doubt) then it feels really exciting and fun to take that action.  That’s why I was dancing around the house when I decided to buy that shirt.  So, while there’s lots of talk and many implications ‘out there’ about how we can bring things into our lives without without doing anything, I say that while that’s possible, in many ways it takes a lot of fun out of the journey. 

Action’s gotten a bad rap because a lot of the action that’s done through our conditioning is done from a place of extreme doubt, so we associate action with that quagmire of frustration I mentioned.  But, when action is taken from a lighter place, from a place of positive expectation, from imagining how good it will feel to achieve something or get something, rather than imagining how bad it will feel if we fail, then that action is SO MUCH FUN. 


Here’s what I got on the topic of buying things vs. manifesting things for free.  The reason that buying something absolutely counts in ‘manifesting’ things into your life is because no matter how something comes into your life, if it’s there you manifested it.  That’s how that works, period.  We don’t have to be tricky and defy the laws of commerce or energetic exchange in order to say that we can manifest things.  Also, inherently within us it feels good to give and receive in proportion to one another.  Buying things is a way to give and receive, because we give money in exchange for a product or service of some kind and if we’re buying consciously and deliberately in alignment with our beliefs and values then the value of the exchange will feel appropriate. 

But as mentioned with the action piece, we still can manifest things for free.  We absolutely can, it happens all the time, it’s just not at all necessary all the time when we’re perfectly capable of purchasing the things that we desire, and purchasing things isn’t necessarily any less magical.   

When we buy something we are also making a commitment to that thing.  Similarly to the reasons for taking action, paying for something is a way of further saying yes to it.  Have you ever found that you got something for free, and you didn’t really appreciate it as much as if you were to have purchased it for yourself?  I have found that for myself, not always but definitely sometimes.  The process of collecting data, figuring out your preferences, and then making a decision about what you want, then further confirming it with joyful action and a financial commitment FEELS REALLY GOOD. 

I’ve also found that the more I’m open to spending more money on things I value and want, the more I am able to receive more money to pay for what I want. 

 TIMELINE and the only things you can control:

Why did taking action and making a financial commitment feel important in this Abracadabra task?  The answer is because there was a timeline involved, and having a timeline for ‘attracting things into your life’ creates doubt.  The reason having a timeline for ‘attracting things into your life’ creates doubt is because we cannot consciously control anything beyond our thoughts and actions or activities.  ‘Attracting things into our lives’ requires putting things into the hands of the Universe.  This is a co-creative process and the specifics of the time frame of the Universe are not in our control.  What IS in our control is what we THINK and what we DO. 

I would say that theoretically it’s possible to have a timeline and have 100% belief that you can attract something to you within that time, and as a result of that focus and knowing that thing does indeed come to you within that time, but I’d say in application we’re not quite there yet, and maybe that would not be that great anyway.  I feel like the things that we don’t know and the things that we don’t have control over greatly contribute to the mystery, magic, and excitement of life.     

Having a timeline for activities can be very helpful and effective though.   I mean, if I didn’t give myself 48 hours to manifest that shirt, then I probably wouldn’t have done anything about it or gotten clear on what I wanted for weeks or even months perhaps, so giving myself that timeline inspired that action which manifested that shirt. 

So, one of the great advantages of having a timeline for activities is that it can motivate us to take action.   Then when we decide to take joyful action towards our goals and dreams, our belief level rises because we continue to say yes to what we want, and put our focus and intention towards it.  Also, when we make a commitment to ourselves to DO things that bring us towards our dreams and we keep our agreements, then our belief in ourselves and our worth increases.  When we have a higher sense of self worth, and a higher belief in making our dreams a reality then guess what?  That’s when the Universe responds to that increase in our energetic alignment by bringing things into our lives that take us closer to where we want to go.  Then it’s a beautiful momentum cycle that can keep building and building, a little bit of you, a little bit of the Universe, a little bit of you, a little bit of the Universe and then VOILA!  You get what you want, or you get redirected towards the deeper essence of your desire.  And after basking in the achievement for a little while, then it’s time to start creating something else and begin this beautiful dance once again 😀

To summarize my view of timelines I’ll say that they’re effective when applied to our activity because they can motivate us to take action and propel us into a success momentum cycle.  But, they can be detrimental when they are applied to the results of our activity, or things that are beyond our control because they can cause us to have doubt which makes us have opposing beliefs which prevent us from attracting that which we desire.  In my experience I have found that it has been most effective to be really open and flexible with a time frame when it comes to the Universe’s part.  The more flexible and open I am in regards to the time frame and the method in which I receive what I desire, the more options I open myself up to, to receive what I desire.  With this flexibility and openness the whole process just feels a whole lot easier, and because it feels that way it IS a whole lot easier.  🙂 


To end this post, I’ll say that I’m pretty psyched about all the thinking that this experiment inspired in me.  I’m more excited about these cognitions that were clarified for me through this experience, than I am about getting the shirt.  🙂

I’ll also say that I realize that each point here can be expanded upon and elaborated in a lot greater depths because of their complexity, but you know, that would be like a book or two or three, so I’m really happy with this for now 🙂 

 If you read this whole post and you feel inspired to contribute to the dialogue, or you have done this experiment as well and wish to share your findings, I’d love to read your comments. 

Happy creating,



IMPORTANT UPDATE:  IMMEDIATELY after writing the bulk of this post I went to Waves, one of my favourite local coffee places.  Guess what?  They were having Customer Appreciation Day.  I didn’t know they even had such a day.  I got a FREE medium dark roast coffee, a FREE reusable cup, and 25% off of my Mediterranean panini.  Any other time I would have been happy but today I was both happy and a bit mind blown at the timing.  😀  So yes, we absolutely can get things for free, but I in no way specifically requested these things.  Actually that’s not totally true, I have been wanting a travel mug for months, score!  The coffee did taste extra delicious too 😀  Wowza! 


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  1. Fantastic Post Jodi,
    I hear from way too many clients that they think they don’t need to take any action to get what they want. They can just ‘wish’ and ‘manifest’. What ends up happening is that they wind up with nothing and say the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. Its sad really.
    Good for you for embracing how it really to works!

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