Rampage of Appreciation on a Sunday Afternoon

Today I’ve made a commitment to myself to choose a process from the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and blog about it while at the same time practicing it.  The processes I’m refering to are listed in the second half of this book and are designed as tools/activites that can be done to raise your emotional set-point. 

Ask and It Is Given is one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read in that it has helped me to understand the incredible value and benefit of FEELING GOOD.  I’ve read it twice from beginning to end, and I’ve referenced it lots too, but as far as practicing these processes goes, I feel like I’ve barely begun to dive in. 

So here’s a dive! 

Today I choose Process #1 which is called The Rampage of Appreciation.   I just re-read this process to re-orientate myself as to exactly how it is described and meant to work.  It’s very simple!  The task is to focus upon things that make you feel good, and practice the energy of feeling good so that it intensifies.  The point is to practice feeling good and feeling better just by continuing to focus your attention on things that you appreciate.  It is mentioned that this activity can be done anytime, anywhere, and it’s beneficial to write down your thoughts to enhance the process.  It is also beneficial to do it consciously every day to train your mind to look for things to appreciate.  The magic is that the more you appreciate the more you find there is to appreciate. 

For the purposes of this blog experiment, I’m going to put on a timer for five minutes and just see what flows in the process of appreciation. 

5 Minute Appreciation Rampage:

Here goes …

I appreciate this room I’m sitting in right now.

I appreciate that when I turn around I can see our living room and huge windows, and through the windows I can see the forest which is so beautiful.

I appreciate that I have a warm mug of green tea beside me, and I love that Bart and I love having tea together.

I appreciate that I have a big computer screen.  Last year my computer screen was like 13″ and now it’s I don’t know like 20 something, I forget exactly, but it’s awesome to see pictures on a big screen.

I appreciate that I got a new calendar for Christmas that I’m looking at right now, and it shows pictures of beautiful areas of BC for each month.

I appreciate that I’m writing this and noticing that I’m starting to feel more and more excited looking for things to appreciate.

I appreciate that I have an amazing kitchen to cook in.  Last year our kitchen was smaller and we went out to eat more, but now I’m cooking way more and loving it immensely.

I appreciate all the new kitchen utensils and gadgets that Bart and I got for our wedding.  I love love love the pots and pans set we got, and our keurig, and blender, and silverware, and baking dishes, and oh the immersion blender.

…ok timer went, that was five minutes.  Wow that went by really fast. 

I’m going to go and practice this more because it was really fun, but I’ll leave what I have on here for now.  For a good start! 


What are you appreciative for today?  Dare to do your own rampage of appreciation in the comments?  I’d love to read it!





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