My First Blog Post

Hi my name is Jodi and this is my first blog post.

“Ah, where do I start?” is what’s been running through my head since I knew I wanted to start blogging here.  Well I’m going to make it really simple.

Here are 11 reasons I have created this blog:

  1. Sharing things that I am passionate about is like throwing kindling on my creative flames.
  2. Reading blogs is one of my favourite things to do, and I’m thinking that writing them will be pretty great too.
  3. We’re living in a time where freedom of speech and the potential to spread ideas and information is more accessible than ever.  I’m interested in using this opportunity to spread a lot of love and also practical stuff that can help us to rise – riSE – RISE to greater levels of freedom and empowerment.
  4. I really like physical books and journals etc, but keeping things documented and organized in a digital format is very space efficient, and makes things easy to search for and find.  I intend to document my posts so that if I ever want to find something like a recipe it will just be a few clicks away.
  5. It’s fun to share whatever the heck you’re interested in and find other people who are intereted in the same things.  The internet is an exceptionally awesome place for this.
  6. I love to share things I love.  To share love is to expand its reach, which makes it grow.
  7. Creating posts on a regular basis is a good way to practice making commitments and honoring them, or adjusting them if necessary.  In other words it’s character building.
  8. I’m curious to see how my interests evolve over time, so this space will reflect my fluctuating dynamic spirit.
  9. Taking the time to write things out is a great way to process thoughts and information to gain more clarity on what you believe in, stand for, desire, etc.  so I’m excited to practice writing to know myself better.
  10. I enjoy the sense of freedom, and authenticity that comes from sharing my thoughts in a way that’s not intended to be heard by anyone specific, but rather just reflects where my soul is at for anyone who is vibing at a similar frequency and happens to venture into this space.
  11. Sharing posts is a great way to get over crippling perfectionistic tendencies.  Action cures fear!


That’s all for now!  Thanks for reading!


Happy Creating,


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